Was Your Trip or Move Canceled Due to Covid-19? Here’s What You Can do Now:

Had a trip or life-changing move you were about to embark on, but had it canceled last minute due to Coronavirus shenanigans? Well, I have good news for you. You can still move, travel, and embark on your exciting journey much more prepared than you were before! Remember, this is only for a season. Things WILL CHANGE. Patience is key. Don’t let this madness discourage you.

While you wait, here are my top three tips to get you back on track with your travel or moving plans.


Plan on a deeper level this time around. While you’re cooped up inside with the luxury of a laptop or your phone, you have more time and freedom to advance your knowledge in the place you were looking forward to spending time at.

Let’s say you were planning on heading to Kyoto this summer. Now is the time to not only plan your itinerary but to research the history, the facts, the backstory of each location you hoped to visit. This way, when you DO find yourself there, you can experience these places on a deeper and more intimate level. You won’t need a guide, you won’t need to constantly check your phone or ask questions, you can just take it all in.

If you’re moving to Japan or any other place in the world, this is a good time to make a list of things you may have challenges with. It’s also important to understand your location with some deeper research. What makes your location unique? What about the culture, the people, the lifestyle? If a move overseas was canceled, the time you have in quarantine is what is going to make or break you abroad.

If your study abroad trip or work opportunity didn’t work out and you lost the chance, there are plenty of other opportunities out there if you keep yourself on your toes and DO YOUR RESEARCH. There are several programs, job postings, school applications that will get your foot in the door. It may take more time, but you’ll get there. If it’s important to you, you WILL find a way.


If you’re traveling or moving, find a way to better document your trip. Your documentation doesn’t need to be available to the public but the reason I started my YouTube channel was to document my journey, my mistakes, my memories, and everything else I can show my kids someday. Yes, you can unlist them and post them privately.

Buy a cheap camera or better yet, a really good one! Search for a basic course on photography, make short one-minute videos and upload them on Facebook, or go old school and start a scrapbook or photo album.

I’m a firm believer in saving our memories beyond your mind. These are important times, things you’ll want to look back on and embrace in the future. Written diaries or online personal blogs are also valid. I highly urge you to start a system for your memories. I didn't regret any of that myself and I know you won’t either.


A lot of you told me that money was a worry for you if you ever decided to travel or move abroad. There are plenty of ways to start saving, search for discounts, work hard, and thrive. Money won't just walk through your door, so start looking for a job.

During quarantine, even if it’s a small fee, there are a lot of ways to work from home and online. My best advice for online money-making is to start teaching your language on websites like Cafetalk or Italki. I personally love Cafetalk. You may not get a lot in the beginning but making yourself available for some online free conversation can help kickstart your income.

If you lost your job during the virus outbreak and there’s nothing you can do now, plan ahead. Look up some NEW jobs. There are plenty of opportunities out there and if you REALLY need the funds to travel, you’ll eventually get back into a routine and work again.

Don’t stress too much. Like I said, patience is key. It will take more time than you had initially wanted but your dreams of travel and a new life will come if you take action.

Start looking up some ways to save the money you need. Write down the general cost of your dream adventure or life. Set aside an envelope system, use an app, create a savings account at your bank. YOU CAN DO IT! I always say, If others can make this possible, so can you.

I know your future seems foggy right now but sitting around watching Netflix is NOT going to change your life. We are in cocoons waiting to break free as a butterfly. But we can’t be a butterfly if we don't develop our skills whilst in that cocoon. So, what are you waiting for? GET PLANNING!

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