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2017 Lovelyzkelly



October 11, 2018

Dating is hard. Especially when you live a busy life on the other side of the world.


Since my move to Japan, I’ve been on so many dates using dating apps as my main way to meet men. I have to say, I've become a pro at this by now.


I’m not saying I don’t enjoy meeting people naturally in this beautiful country but the chances of that happening are slim to none with my intense job, making time for friends, and more importantly, time for myself. 


I’ve tried a couple of different apps -Tinder and Bumble being my main go-to but most of the time I’d match with people who barely speak my language or who are just passing through the country.


I saw an ad on Facebook for a new dating app launched in Japan called Hatch. The fact that it was targeted toward people living or traveling in Asia - currently Japan - I had to check it out.


I downloaded Hatch and noticed most people I matched with lived here which was such a relief!


I was lucky enough to chat with the co-founder of Hatch here in Tokyo to talk about features that made The app stand out amongst others and what features will be added in the future. 





Ladies First

The one thing I loved about this app is the fact that girls talk first. This is to make women feel more secure in their decisions. That feeling of being safe and having that power to decide if I REALLY want to talk with that person is one feature I think all dating apps should have. 


Stoplight system





This feature is unique to Hatch. It lets others know what you're looking for. Do you want a relationship? Do you want friends? Are you open to a relationship? All the questions I would have originally answered are answered immediately. 


There are three colors: green, yellow, and red. Green means you’re looking for friends but open to a relationship. Yellow means you’re interested in something serious. Red means you’re just looking for friends, a travel buddy, a study partner etc. pretty convenient, right?


Choosing languages


You can choose which languages you prefer to speak or you prefer your partner to speak. Language, in my opinion, can build a more intimate relationship between two people, especially if you have a language in common. 


Free Mode feature



This feature is also unique to Hatch. This mode shows who’s available currently and ready to chat or meet up. If you’re hanging around the city and looking for someone to spend time with at that current moment, try reaching out to one of your new matches!

Like I said, in this day and age, I’m a big believer in online dating since I have met past relationships on them. I love seeing how this world of romance continues to change in a digital world making it easier to meet your perfect match. On the flip side, it’s always a better story to tell when you meet someone naturally and out in the world but being able to expand your options and search tactics is just an upgrade to life.


If you’d like to learn more about Hatch, check out the full length video below where we talk more about what Hatch has to offer plus our opinions and thoughts when we swipe through accounts. We also share our secrets to amping up your profile to get more matches!


Enjoy and good luck!






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