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September 22, 2018



There are times when life in Japan can get overwhelming. Work life has gotten you running around with your head cut off, personal issues pop up, your mind Is just cluttered with several to do lists. So, what’s a person to do, living abroad, when the going gets tough?


There are several ways to make room for a mindful routine in your life. When you feel the burn out coming on, here are five ways to relax and stay mindful in Tokyo.

1. Get in Touch with Nature



The first thing I suggest is to go ALONE to a park. If you’re not used to doing things by yourself, you might want to try to break that bubble. My advice to all of you working and living in another country will always be to break from your comfort zones and learn to discover who you are as person. You need some time alone preferably amongst nature. 


Some parks that are great for relaxation in Tokyo are:


Yoyogi park - If you don’t want to be around too much quietness, prefer to people watch, listen to some street music, and enjoy exploring some festivities in the area this is a great place to roll out a picnic mat and enjoy a more positive, energetic atmosphere.


Ueno Park - This park is a little quieter but there’s still a busy and fun atmosphere to enjoy as well. There’s a little cafe deep within the park and a museum you can check out if you’d like a little more creative inspiration in your life.


Koishikawa Kourakuen Garden - This park is one of my favorites! Its right next to Tokyo Dome City and it’s a very quiet spot to relax. I haven’t thoroughly explored this park quite as much yet but from what I have experienced, it’ll connect you more with nature. Make sure you bring mosquito repellent. I was eaten alive.


2. Dip Into an Onsen (hotspring)


Hot springs are essential in the Japanese lifestyle. There are so many benefits when it comes to soaking in boiling hot water. It is said that hot springs boosts blood circulation, reduces stress, relieves aches and pains, solves a number of skin problems, and so much more.


Most of the time, getting into a Japanese onsen requires you to be completely naked in front of others, but don’t worry, there are plenty of resorts and places that accept swim suits. One of those places is Enoshima Spa Land.


I have never been myself but have heard so much about it! I am sure, due to my YouTube career, I will end up there at some point.


3. Drink Matcha Green Tea


Matcha tea has beautiful benefits. If you live in Japan, you should drink a couple cups a day. It helps with weight loss, improves brain function, helps fight cancer, releases stress, and more.

So, sit in a quiet place, make yourself a cup of matcha green tea and take a few breaths to get through the week!


4. Find a Hobby That Distracts You


I highly recommend you find something that you can look forward to - something that’s outside your busy work life. Pick something that will help you improve such as a yoga class, a language meetup, cooking course, or something that reflects on traditional Japan. Try using the meetup app to find things like this!


If all you’re doing is working everyday and lazying around the house all day, you’ll just get depressed.


There are plenty of yoga schools in Tokyo and yoga is definitely one way to relax the mind, build strength, and embrace mindfulness. Click here to find out more!


5. Take Yourself Out on a Date


Take yourself on a shopping trip and enjoy a little retail therapy. You don't HAVE to buy something, just enjoy the thousands of shops in the city. Explore, wander, and discover places in this city that you never knew existed. And if you don't do it often, go ahead and treat yourself. Everyone should be allowed to treat themselves once in a while.



6. Sing Your Heart Out


Do some single karaoke. Yes, there are places scattered across Tokyo that allow you to sing karaoke by yourself. I highly recommend it! Singing can release so much tension and stress. It keeps you focused on lyrics and the beat of the music which distracts you from any worries and negative thoughts. You don't have to be a professional singer to enjoy karaoke!


Well, there you have it. My list of ways to relax, unwind, and stay mindful during a busy work life here in Tokyo, Japan. This list is also valid for anyone living elsewhere in Japan. So, check out what`s around your area to help you release that weekly tension.


Don’t forget to check out my newest video for a visual list! Subscribe to my channel for more Japan content and follow me on all my social media platforms for behind the scenes of what I do!

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