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2017 Lovelyzkelly


Top Instagram Worthy Cafes in Harajuku, Japan

June 21, 2018


Instagram has taken the world by storm especially the traveling world. Wherever you go, photos are a must and what better way to share these photos and memories than on a platform with over a billion users! Japan is a treasure trove of Instagram hot spots so I have listed some of my top new cafe discoveries within the most colorful part of Tokyo - Harajuku.


Eddy’s Ice cream


If you’re looking for a colorful, aesthetically pleasing location plus a montage of delicious sweets to put in your Instagram feed, Eddy’s Ice cream is the place for you. They have a large selection of cut-out cookies, chocolates, and colorful cotton candy to choose from in order to decorate your creamy, delicious snack.

The menu has a selection of pre-made ice cream cones: Unicorn, American, and Lovely are some of the names you’ll read on their menu. Of course, like I said, you are able to customize your ice cream however you please.

 I was skeptical walking into Eddy’s Ice Cream because some cafes have beautifully decorated foods but don’t always taste quite as good as they look. I ended up ordering “American” on the menu – the one with the big red cookie lips and stars made of yummy chocolate. To my surprise, the whole thing was delicious and a high-quality dessert. The ice cream was thick and milky with natural flavors of vanilla and strawberry. The cookie – don't get me started on the cookie- was so good, I could eat hundreds of them.

Not only is the ice cream Instagram worthy, this small venue holds several props you can use to create the best photos for your gram. This includes pink vintage telephones, chess boards, neon signs, and more.


Prices of the ice cream range from ¥800 to ¥1400 - the latter being the most extra looking ice cream treat you’ll ever see.


Don’t forget to hashtag eddysicecream when uploading your brightly colored photos to your Insta account.




Calling all lovers of coffee! I was the most impressed by this Instagram worthy venue. Reissue is a trendy latte art café tucked away in Harajuku’s eccentric neighborhood. The place is easy to miss so make sure you look up and down the buildings to find the sign.


Reissue hires actual artists to decorate your lattes. You simply look up a photo on your phone and show them what you would like. They can create everything and anything. When we heard this, we ended up ordering six different lattes even though we were a group of five. We needed that extra test to find out what those artists were actually capable of.

 You can choose between 3D or 2D art – whichever you prefer. We all chose our favorite anime and game characters but another friend of mine ordered a portrait of Tupac. Like I said, they can do anything and everything. If you want Taylor Swift in your latte – you got it.

 All the latte art is made by hand and tastes amazing. Unfortunately, we took so many photos that our cup of joe ended up losing its heat. Yet, as you can understand, people don't come here for an ordinary cup of coffee.



 Serendipity 3

 If you’ve experienced the Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York City, why not try out the Japan version? The Japan venue definitely has an Alice in Wonderland twist to it with its hundreds of clocks hanging on the walls, classic look, and pastel colors.


 There are a lot of food items on the menu that are only available in Japan so be sure to try those out if you've already experienced the New York version.

The most popular things on their menu are the larger than life sundaes – perfect for a top-notch Instagram photo.

Be prepared to spend a pretty penny here. Serendipity 3 is not the cheapest Instagram hotspot on this list but its popularity makes this a must-see.


Eggs’ n Things

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and Eggs' n Things satisfied all my American breakfast cravings as well as my need for Instagram posts. They have the most delicious eggs benadict and you can add on items like sausage, pancakes, bacon, and more to your meal.

Eggs' n Things first appeared in Hawaii in 1974 and has since expanded to Japan land. This restaurant serves breakfast all day - which I love.

With its island vibes, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and a king/queen sized meal.  

This place does not disappoint.

Follow me on my Instagram @lovelyzkelly for more Japan content, tips, and travel experiences!




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