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How to Combat Pollen Allergies in Japan

April 10, 2018

It's that time of year again - the runny nose, itchy eyes, and dry cough season. If you're  planning on traveling or moving to Japan somewhere between March to the end of May then be ready for some possible changes to your system.


With the blossoming of flowers and pollen floating in the air, you'll be in for a rude awakening.

Its rumored that living in Japan for a certain amount of time will allow your body to adjust to certain allergens but alas, I still struggle.


Here are some ways you can prevent massive amounts of allergy attacks whilst in Japan.


1) use masks


This isn't so common where I'm from but it does help quite a bit. Japan has special masks made for allergies that filter out the pollen in the air. They also have masks for when you have trouble sleeping and you're a stuffy mess. You may look and feel funny if you're not used to wearing them but I assure you, it's worth it.


2) Drink Green Tea



Don't drink just any green tea, drink beni fuuki green tea. This type of tea has some of the best health benefits compared to any tea in the world. Studies have shown it reduces reactions to outdoor allergens by a lot. Even if you don't have any histamine reactions, it`s a great type of tea to incorporate into your diet.


3) Wear Allergy Glasses


I'm not going to lie, these glasses looked ridiculous when I first saw them. I was confused as to even what they were. Then, I realized, they keep your eyes clean from any allergens! Despite looking like you're about to dive into a pool, these glasses are quite commonly seen in Japan and can be purchased at most malls and department stores. I highly recommend this if you suffer from itchy eyes during the allergy season.


4) Take Allergy Meds


Yes, Japan does have over the counter allergy medication. I'm assuming it`s weaker than western type medicine but it may do the trick for the time being. You can find brands like Allegra in Japan. Hit up a pharmacy in the area and say "arerugi no kusuri arimasu ka?"


5) Buy an Air Purifier


These are also known as hepa filtors. If you live in Japan, you can easily buy one on Amazon. They range from $80 to $100 and are worth every penny for sufferers of allergies.


With the cherry blossom season coming to an end and new flowers blooming for the summer, there are bound to be symptoms of allergies until the end of August. Get your warrior on and be ready to battle through it!


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Happy travels!



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