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Day to Night Skin Care Routine In Japan

March 29, 2018


Once I moved to Japan, my skin had changed dramatically. It was much worse until it finally adjusted after a couple years. My body was used to the atmosphere and I had changed my skin care regimen entirely.

Note, when you move to another country, your body and skin will most likely change.

Back in the states, I didn`t do much self-care. I didn't wear a lot of makeup or buy a lot of products but now I make sure I implement skin care into my ‘me time.`


The links to all these products will be in my video description and throughout this article.

My morning skin care routine is quite basic.


I start out by washing my face with Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. You can`t get this in Japan and after this runs out, I will move on to another cleanser I can buy here. For now, I use this to wake me up and fight any acne I have on my skin. The bursting beads break to release vitamins into the skin getting rid of any dirt and oil that builds up overnight.


It`s so refreshing!


I smooth on some witch hazel to get rid of any redness of the skin.



Next, I use my [re]fresh Skin Therapy Vitamin C oil to brighten my skin. I`ve been using this for a month now and find that it brightened my under-eye circles.


It contains vitamin B and E, fights premature aging, and revives skin from any UV damage. This is essential to my morning skin care routine.



Finally, I add a little moisture back into my skin with Neutrogena`s Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer in pink grapefruit. I love the way it smells and how lightweight it is since my face tends to get a little oily.



That`s all I do to wake myself up in the morning. Simple, right?




My night time skin care routine is a little more complex. It helps me wind down and I love pampering myself.


The first thing I use is a brand of makeup wipes you can get in Japan. This is the Bifesta makeup removal wipes. I don`t always use this to remove my makeup but when I`m busy, it`s the easiest and quickest way to remove it.



I have multiple ways to cleanse my skin but on this particular day I used Tarte`s Frxxxtion Stick. This product is vegan friendly and draws out surface oil, reducing shine. It`s a deep cleanser I use at least once a week.  



The next thing I use is a face mask. I put on a face mask at least three times a week. They`re so cooling and relaxing. It reduces my stress and anxiety so much.


On this particular night I used an animal face pack from Kabuki Face. I modeled for them in Japan so I had to show you how cool they are.

They make different styles and are so fun to put on with your friends. This particular face pack has a thicker texture and sticks to your face more naturally. I chose the tiger face mask!



The next thing I use is [re]fresh Skin Therapy Lactic Acid 10% Peel. This product removes dead skin, speeds up skin cell renewal, reduces wrinkles, and softens skin.


Put a few drops on your face, spread it around, wait from 1 to 3 minutes, then wash it off with cool water. This product is so cooling and readies your skin for sleep.



Finally, I use Skinfood`s Cotton Toner and Cotton Emulsion. This is my favorite product out of everything. If you have oily skin or in-between skin like me, this is the perfect solution. I love the smell of it and takes away the oily feel you've accumulated throughout the day. I Highly recommend this series.



To end this refreshing skin care regimen, I use Nature Republic`s Aloe Vera Smoothing Cream. It`s the best way to end this routine and cools down my skin, blending all that I put on my face together.


I am now ready to sleep!


If you`d like to see a visual of what I do, the link to the video is down below.

Don`t forget to check out the rest of my videos on my Youtube channel and subscribe for good vibes!





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