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TOP 3 WESTERN STYLE RESTAURANTS IN TOKYO, JAPAN: When you need a nostalgic taste

March 20, 2018

When you move to Japan, you`ll be overjoyed with excitement about the amount of amazing food to indulge in. You`ll think to yourself, “I will never miss any of the food I`ve been eating back home.” Right? Wrong. If you plan on living in Japan for a few years or more, there is no doubt you`ll be missing your favorite treats along the way. I know I did. But, don`t fret! I`m here to tell you about my top 3 western style restaurants in Tokyo for those who are looking for a taste of familiarity.

1) Frijoles


I`m a lover of any kind of Mexican type dishes. Even if it`s an Americanized Mexican meal, I will live my best life eating it. That`s why when I found Frijoles I was attached. This restaurant and I were in an instant relationship and I haven`t left it`s side since.


Frijoles is the sister of Chipotle chain restaurants back in the US and there are only a few differences to mention.


First, the price is a bit high. Any western style restaurant in Japan is certainly going to be pricey. But, when you miss it so much, that`s never an issue. For a burrito bowl and a side of chips it`s usually around ¥1,200. The toppings you add and the meat you choose is what determines your final price. It can range from ¥1,000 to ¥2,000.


Second, the portion sizes are a tad smaller than Chipotle portion sizes. To be honest, I`m ok with the amount they give me. Although, for the price, they SHOULD give you a little more.


One really important thing I should mention is the fact that they speak English, so, don`t be shy! The staff is very friendly and helpful especially if you`re a first-timer. 


Frijoles – like Chipotle – is set up like an assembly line. You go down the line and pick out what you would like on your tacos. At the end, you can choose other sides like chips and guacamole.


There are a few notable locations for Frijoles: Otemachi, Azabujuban, and Roppongi. Click the YouTube link below to watch me navigate through the Azabujuban location!


Check this link to their web page.



2) Pizza Slice


If you`re missing good quality pizza without all the squid, corn, and mayonnaise toppings then Pizza Slice is the place for you! You`ll face a wide variety of basic pizzas such as pepperoni, sausage, roasted onion, cheese, and more.



The venue is New York style and a magnet for foreigners and natives alike. You can reserve for birthdays and events as well. The best time to go is during a weekday since it can get pretty packed on the weekends. But, you can always take a slice home.


One slice of pizza is ¥500 and it`s as big as my face so, in my opinion, the price is quite affordable. Don`t forget to add a garlic roll on the side. It is to die for. 


Check this link for their web page.



3) T.G.I Fridays Japan



Last but not least, I highly recommend T.G.I Fridays Japan. It`s hands down the best for western sized portions and has the most flavor and variety compared to the last two restaurants mentioned.


 I never ate T.G.I Fridays back home because it`s not the most popular restaurant. But, once I set foot in the Japan version, I fell in love. Everything was clean and fresh with a taste of home.


Choose from burgers to buffalo wings and you`ll be all set to fly to heaven.

There are several locations for T.G.I Fridays, Japan but I`ll link the Shibuya one below.

There you have it!

Your top 3 western style restaurants for when you`re craving a piece of home. Comment below what you would like to try first!

Also, click the video below to see me navigate these three wonders of Tokyo. I`m clearly excited in every take.


Watch me devour food in the more animated and visual version of this blog post.




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