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2017 Lovelyzkelly


My Thoughts on Living in Tokyo: Todoroki Valley

November 23, 2017



 It`s been some time since I left Tokyo. I haven`t left the city since I moved here. Technically, I live in Chiba, but I live so close to the city that I still consider it to be Tokyo. 

Living here is not for everyone. When most think of Japan, the city lights and technology is what comes to mind. nonetheless, there's more to this country than its stereotypical representations. I never thought I`d be living in such a busy, touristy place. I almost prefer the quiet of a smaller town. 
   I chose to live in Tokyo because I had fallen in love with someone new and was willing to move to where he was in order to explore our relationship. Love can make you crazy like that. Luckily enough, my job was able to transfer me from Nagoya City to Tokyo and I was suddenly in a whole new world. I felt like I was learning everything all over again. Tokyo is ten times bigger than Nagoya. The train lines and massive population are quite overwhelming. 
But I have to admit: in Tokyo, there`s so much more opportunity to expand your career, meet new people, and share your talents.  There's so much to do here but most experiences can cost a pretty penny. 


   I`m on a journey to finding ways you can enjoy Tokyo on a budget and the first place I had discovered was ‘Todoroki Ravine Park.' I wanted to escape the madness of the city and find myself in a place close to nature. I don`t have much money to travel so I called up a couple of friends, and we set out on a mini adventure. 


    Before locating the much talked about whimsical Todoroki valley, we came across a French, Italian, Japanese restaurant. I know what you`re thinking; "what in the world?" We were just as confused but the food was cheap and delicious for all that we got. I ended up deciding on the fish lunch set. If you`re looking for a combination of meals that look and taste gourmet, I recommend this place before your trek across the valley. I believe we mentioned the name of the place in my video down below. 

    Todoroki Ravine Park is the only gorge in Tokyo, covered in greenery with a historic vibe. It activates all your senses, leaving you with a feeling of calm. We took the south exit from Todoroki station and headed toward the Seijo iishii supermarket. On the left-hand side of the building were some cobblestoned steps that led straight into the gorge. All of a sudden the air felt cooler and my body felt as light as a feather. 
   We visited on a weekend so it was a lot more crowded than I had expected. So, my advice to you is to go on a weekday so you can enjoy the full extent of what this ravine has to offer. 

The ravine is lined with a tow-path for walking the stretch of the Yazawa river. The sounds of birds reached our ears as we explored every nook and cranny of the place. It was such a gorgeous day!


   Along the way, we fell upon a temple, traditional mochi kiosks, and an ancient tomb now surrounded by a park for picnics and play.
The park is a great place to view the changing of the seasons, a family outing, or a date.  

Sometimes I forget I live in Japan because of the noise of the city. My outing in Todoroki Ravine Park had recharged my mind and soul and made me feel grateful that I lived in such a magnificent country. I mean, how many people get to say that they live in Japan?


For more information on Todoroki Ravine Park, click on the link below. 



 Todoroki Valley Website 

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