Turn your Passion into profit, monetize your influence, and build an online empire you'll fall MADLY in love with using the concept of Ikigai.

Monetize Your Influence ・Impact ・Voice in the Online Space 

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  • If you're looking for a way to connect with and build an audience who loves to learn from you, buy from you, and sees you as their go-to

  • Sell your digital services, products, or mentorship in a way that doesn't feel salesy or forced

  • Activate your purpose in both your life and business to obtain more freedom, fulfillment, ease, balance, and creative flow in your everyday life

  • Create attractive content that gets you visible, makes you stand out, and allows you to sell without selling.

  • Build a business custom to you, accelerating your success with REAL results...

Then private monthly coaching is for you!

And I promise, you're in good hands.

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You can have it all, be it all, and live it all.


You can run a business that SUPPORTS your lifestyle and doesn’t CONSUME your lifestyle


You can break industry norms, be more of YOU online without pushing and forcing


You can show up creatively, post what you want, and still make effortless sales


You can manifest the life of your dreams, make tons of money, and thrive by running your business YOUR WAY, and your way only.


You can be a digital creator, influencer, world traveler, artist, whoever you want to be and STILL MAKE SALES AND RUN A FREAKIN BUSINESS!


You can do more of what you love to where business is simply an extension of you and not a part of you


You can grow a community, serve others, make sales, and lead an empire EVEN when you’re not making $20,000 per month… YET...because your knowledge, passions, and expertise are worth the investment


You can wake up excited to show up, share more on social media in a way that doesn’t make you feel “icky” or “gross”


And the best part is, you don't have to work yourself into burnout to achieve this!

You don't have to spend hours engaging, implementing fancy tools, or hire a team in order to create a profitable personal brand that aligns with you!


With 7 plus years of experience as a content strategist and digital creator, building my own online empire hitting 5 figures in less than 3 months in my mentorship business, and coaching hundreds of new online business owners who also achieved this success, I can take you to where you want to be!

No more overwhelm, forced action, and doing more of what you hate!

Let's Turn Your Business into Art!

I know you want to build from your heart and wake up everyday excited about your content and what you’re creating...


You want to build something ever lasting, that leaves behind a legacy, a story, and makes an impact.

Your service DESERVES to be seen in all of its glory and I'm 1,000% confident in guiding you to make that happen.



As someone who had started on socials with zero intent to sell anything in the beginning, someone who came from the online influencer world, having had so much creative freedom, joy, fulfillment, just doing what I loved on a day to day basis, I entered into the entrepreneur world overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, and taken aback by all the noise, manipulative strategies, and pressure to reach success overnight.


I was sad to see the doubt and fear so many of my clients were having because they haven't reached huge milestones in a short time. They were forcing action, trying to keep up, comparing themselves to others, and making it WAY more complicated than it had to be.

I've connected with people who had dreams of starting a business but couldn't bring themselves to do it because they felt they didn't have enough knowledge, didn't have the time to pursue what they loved, or felt they would be judged.

But I'm here to tell you it's simpler than you think, you ARE good enough, and you DO have the time regardless of what's happening in your life right now. I promise you.

Yes, its challenging in the beginning but it doesn't need to be you in constant fight or flight mode. That's NOT how I built my business and sold my services.


It was then I decided to take it upon myself to lead others to embrace their purpose, find confidence within in them to build an empire, infuse their passions into their life and brand, and fall in LOVE with their life and business.

Your business and personal brand supports your lifestyle, not consumes it.

My clients started to see incredible results beyond what they expected. Especially when they came from a place of passion before purpose.

Because the truth is, money is the byproduct of the impact you make, the energy you put out, the joy you feel changing the lives of others, and simply feeling fulfilled building, creating, manifesting your dreams as they come to life before your eyes, no matter where you're at in your journey.

A Client Example

The Power of an Influence Strategy


After working with several OSPs, mentors, and influencers, I learned that the one thing that was essentially missing in the world of sales and business was influence.

Your business is made up of these four things:  Mindset + Energy + Influence + Marketing/Sales Strategy

I found a lot of my clients were missing the influence part of their business model.

Your influence is the way you DELIVER your messaging, COMMUNICATE your offerings, beliefs, thoughts, and values, and the WAY you show up in the online space.

It's one thing to get clear on your messaging and position yourself as that authority, but without influence, the sales process doesn't begin.

I was able to sell out my first EVER course The Ikigai Lifestyle Course because I had grown a tight knit community prior and communicated my message by understanding my deeper why, what I was an advocate for, clarify my mission, and embody a leader, utilizing my influence to sell.

My influence, charisma, and character (they need to co-exist) allowed me to make leaps and bounds in my business in just under six months in business!

Your energy is the frequency that comes from your influence that FUELS your strategy. It's as simple as that.

If you're seeing so many others in the SAME programs as you, surpassing you with flying colors, effortlessly signing clients, making more money in the shortest amount of time, it's because they have incredible influence and so can you!

So we work not only on your online presence but the way you communicate your messaging using YOUR personal power, strengths, and unique gifts!

Because of these methods, my business, along with my client's businesses instantly BECAME MAGNETIC

Influence + the fusion of Ikigai as the foundation of my business coaching, was the golden ticket, and so, I'm sharing these secrets with my community today.



Ikigai is the Japanese meaning for Life Purpose. Your reason for being.


Ikigai is your Soul. 


This concept has nothing to do with what you do and everything to do with who you ARE!

What is Ikigai?

Your influence and purpose is the key to success, confidence, powerful content, and every goal you set for yourself.


Utilizing this in your business creates chatter, where EVERYONE is talking about you and what you're known for to where selling no longer feels like selling.


The best part is, you already have the confidence you need and so much more to become the go-to for your current or future community and so much more!


YOU are one of a kind with FIRE 🔥 potential and power you didn’t know you had within you. All you have to do is ACTIVATE IT!

Image by Masaaki Komori

So Imagine This...


You're making a larger impression in the online space, confident showing up on camera, and have the tools necessary to actually SERVE your clients and give them a kickass, unforgettable experience

You have clarity, a plan, and a way to create a positive impact in your life and online platform.

You've built a business  & personal brand you love without all of the pressure and frustration. 


You're doing MORE of what you love inside and outside of your business

Your influence is strong, therefore you're booked out with clients, and consistently selling out programs

You no longer feel the need to hustle, spend long hours on engagement, and force yourself to do ANYTHING!

You have ZERO fear of selling or marketing yourself because you market and sell with connection and passion alone!

You're living your best life, getting brand deals, possibly selling a product or program, making money while you travel, sleep, eat!

Your personal brand reflects who you truly are, your true essence, and because of that, you're able to build stronger and more meaningful connections, flow, and freedom online and offline.

You feel limitless, knowing how to lead yourself and others because you have a mentor who has been in your shoes and there to hold you accountable along the journey


What My Client's are Saying

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With Kelly, I feel like I found my voice and the best way to express it. I gained incredible confidence when it came to really sharing my story in the online space and I've learned so much when it comes to content connection and creation for my business!

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I couldn't have built what I built without Kelly. I took the biggest gamble financially but truly believed in her and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made! I made $5k in my first month and woke up to 8 new clients working with Kelly! I was also able to bring to life my dream of running my own online program.

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I honestly am amazed at how comfortable I've become in front of the camera. Looking at my videos from a year ago shows such a huge difference. Thanks, Kelly for the push in my content!

Image by Masaaki Komori

This is for you if....


You know the power in having a mentor, someone who can listen, has been there, done that, and helps you navigate the answers you're looking for instead of piecing it all together yourself.

You're SO ready to take that empowered leap, monetize your passions, and create the life you've always dreamed of!

You're ready to earn more ($5k ~ $10k ~ $20k ) months doing what you love!


You're ready to go beyond business, activate your personal power, and make a difference in the lives of your digital community

You're ready to have more fun in your business, turn it into art and play to where your business supports you and not the other way around

You're ready to get out of your own way, become widely in demand, make an impact, and leave your legacy in the online space

You have an inner knowing that your dream is possible and you KNOW you'll get there no matter what obstacles come your way.

You're wanting to build something sustainable and long term 

You're wanting to make more time for your family, friends, hobbies, and tap into that endless creative flow

You're either just starting out and looking to accelerate your success or you've been in business for quite some time but not seeing any major results

You're more than a business, you're a voice

Your dream audience, client, or customer is buying from you because of your purpose and mission, not for the money you make, or the lux life you live. It's deeper than that!

YOU are a leader and those who come across your page know it.

They obsess over you, LOVE to buy from you, learn from you, and come back for more!

All of this is available for you now and it's my job to help you unlearn everything you think you know about life and business to ACTIVATE that power within to make it all happen with the blink of an eye.

No more forced action, yucky sales tactics, crazy formulas, bells and whistles to get people into your programs!


Nobody buys like that anymore. It's ALL Influence, baby! ESPECIALLY moving into the next few years to come!

And I am proof of that!

Pink Chair

x1 90 min. kick off session

A choice of bi-weekly or weekly coaching called up to 60 minutes long, during our 4 or 6 months together (12 month coaching available upon request)

All of my courses and programs including ones I come out with during the time we work together

Unlimited Voxer support

A business plan, blueprints, templates, digital content planner, and other tools and resources to systemize your business

A Google Drive folder with all of your recorded coaching calls, content reviews, and notes during our sessions

An opportunity to speak as a guest on The Full Time Ikigai Podcast


Passion to Profit

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The Details

The Investment

$1,500 USD

or $800 x2

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30 Day Intensive

$5,000 USD

or $950 x6 

$3,000 USD

or $1,100 per month

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6- Month Mentorship
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3- Month Mentorship

If you found yourself at the bottom of the page then the universe is telling you something.

Trust me, I know it's scary to invest, but EVERY time I've manifested anything in my life I had to do things that were both scary yet exciting at the same time.

Taking the leap got me to where I'm at today.

On something called 'the hero's journey', the hero never walks alone. The hero has others there beside them, INCLUDING a mentor.

It's time to become the main character of your story and write your next chapter in a way that will leave so many in awe of your courage to make it happen.

YOU are the key in this great adventure and I 1,000% believe in you, therefore, you need to 1,000% believe in you too!

I've invested thousands of dollars, experimented with social media for over 7 years, had several of my own coaches, and grew organically without a team hitting my first $20k month in business within my first year and you get all of those secrets and information at the tip of your fingers through consistent online support with me! 🤯

You're getting all of my knowledge for a fraction of the price I payed for all of my knowledge!

You also get to skip the 7+ years of "figuring it out" like I had to do.

I know you won't regret it!

It's time to choose you and fly high!

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