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The Japanese Way to Manifest Your Desires

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Manifestation is a word that not too many are familiar with. It's also something that seems to be misunderstood world wide.


So what is manifestation and how do you manifest?

Here's a brief rundown of what it is and a couple of tips to add manifestation into your own life!

  • Manifestation is bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief.

  • Manifestation is more than positive thinking and said belief that it will come.

  • Taking inspired action to show the universe what you really want will bring good energy into your life and attract amazing experiences and opportunities moving you toward your goal.

  • Focus on your desires and feeling the feelings of having it, write it in a journal as if you have it already!

  • Never say the words, "will" as if it is something in the distant future. Instead say, "I am manifesting or I have manifested..."

  • Practice gratitude every day.

So what is the Japanese version of manifestation? How do they stay focused on their desires?

Praying at a Shrine

There are several shrines and temples that house different gods: study, health, business, travel, music, pregnancy, and even keeping yourself from getting lit on fire? Yes, That god does exist.

Praying to these gods as often as possible while working toward a goal is essential if you want to make anything happen in your life. Most people pray to heighten their belief in themselves and with belief comes success!

The Daruma

The Daruma is a Japanese doll with two pupils missing and for good reason. This doll is meant to bring good luck to you only after you've completed a short ritual.

Step 1: Make a wish while holding the Daruma

Step 2: Color in the first eye after making your wish

Step 3: Take action toward your dream or wish

Step 4: Color in the second eye when that dream or wish manifests


Meditation is important for manifestation everywhere in the world but the best type of meditation is a visualization meditation.

Visualizing having that thing you desire and enacting what that feels like, will make it feel more tangible. Your perception of your reality is important - you create your reality! If you think you won't ever get what you desire then you won't get it.

Ema- Wishing Plaques

Similar to journaling out your desires as if you already have them, writing them on wooden plaques is a common thing as well. These plaques are called Ema and can be found at most shrines and some temples. They originally were brought to temples with images of horses painted on them. Most people believed the gods would listen to a worshipper's wishes if a horse was gifted to the shrine. Horses are considered "vehicles of God" but because bringing a real horse to the shrine was a bit difficult, these plaques were born. You can buy Ema at a shrine and use them to write your desires, then place them on a rack near the temple. It's fun to read some of the desires of others while you're there.

Wallet Charms

These charms can be found at most souvenir shops in Japan. They're meant to bring abundance into your life by placing them in your wallet. They're great gifts to bring back to loved ones and are very affordable!

Thanking the Universe

One example of thanking the universe is saying the words, "itatadakimasu" before you eat your food. This is translated as, "I humbly receive." By thanking the universe and those who made this food possible on earth, brings good health. By thanking the food you have in general and being grateful for the healing you get from the nutrition of the food, your brain begins to re-wire yourself as you visualize the nutrition absorbing into your body. Gratitude is huge when it comes to manifesting anything you want and the Japanese got it right.


There are many ways to manifest what you desire around the world and among different cultures. No, manifestation is not part of any religion, it's a practice and ritual to connect with yourself and what you want.

Not only does manifestation bring you abundance in your life, but it also brings confidence and belief in yourself.

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