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You have a  deeper purpose.

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You have the potential to shift your entire reality


It's finally time to   make the shift  and activate that inner voice


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A subscription based membership with monthly exclusive video content that will change the way you think about and live your life.

You'll be able to keep a database of motivational and inspirational masterclasses that will feed your soul and keep you going.

Content includes: story time videos to inspire you, mini masterclasses on specific self improvement topics utilizing a fusion of Japanese psychology and western mindset methods, as well as life hacks that will build on that high vibe energy so that you can manifest incredible things into your life!

This container is for: Anyone who is seeking a boost of motivation with their morning cup of coffee, tea, orange juice whatever you prefer

Leave comments and interact with me and others within this monthly membership

It's time to make an inner shift, build confidence in yourself and ideas, and amplify your lifestyle!

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Meet Your Guide

Nice to Meet ya!

Hi! My name is Kelly Morita and I’m a lifestyle online content creator and influencer, mama to be, and a guide for those who want to utilize the power of Ikigai to manifest the life they want!

My mission is to inspire others to show up for themselves fearlessly, activate their inner truth, and open doors to incredible opportunities for them like I did!

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