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Let me help you bring balance, purpose, clarity, confidence, and meaning to your everyday life using Japanese and western-style mindset methods.


Does Any Of This Resonate With You?

In life, we find ourselves being pulled in several directions, unsure if the direction we chose is the right one. We often think, “Is this the right path for me?”


We live Life by the books - getting an education, finding that perfect relationship, landing that ideal job opportunity, coasting through life. We begin to focus on our outside circumstances, what people think about us, say about us, and over analyze our every move. We don’t want to make a mistake, experience setbacks, or endure failure.

When life gets tough and balance is difficult to keep, we read all the self-help books, seek advice from the internet, and spiral into a frenzy of overwhelm and self-doubt. We don't know what to believe or how to implement what we learned into our own lives. We start to fall into an endless loop of, "nothing is working for me!" and start to question our actions.

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You feel lost. You don’t know where you want to go next. You feel as if nothing is going right for you, self-sabotaging, feeling alone, unsupported, and wishing for more positive experiences, greater opportunities, and better connections with others. You thought the direction you were going was the right one, but now you’re questioning everything.

You know what you want, you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone a bit, exploring new opportunities and paths, took a couple of risks, went through some change, but don’t know what your next move is. You’re afraid of failure, making mistakes, or starting over. You wonder whether or not you're doing it all right. 

You have everything you’ve wanted, maybe even content with where you are, but you can’t help but feel like something is missing. You feel unfulfilled, uninspired, and lost, despite everything you already have. You ask yourself, “what more could I even want?” Yet, you know you're meant for something bigger.

Your career, relationships, and life duties have begun to consume you. You try to explore other hobbies, make more time for yourself, do more of what you love but you can’t help but feel completely out of balance. You feel guilty at times when you attempt more 'me time' or self-care.

You're multi-passionate, have big dreams, and someone who has many interests. You want to do it all but feel like you can't. You fear if you take action, it might not work out or you'll head down the wrong path. 

If any of this resonates with you, I feel you. I’ve been there, but trust me when I say, life doesn’t have to be this way.


Many of us think when we’re feeling lost, alone, guilty, or as if something is missing, we’re unfulfilled, without purpose or meaning in our lives.

But the truth is...

You already have purpose, you’re living something called IKIGAI, the Japanese word for 'life’s worth.' Ikigai already lives within you. Ikigai is your SOUL. You Already Have the confidence you need, the fulfillment you seek, and so much more! YOU are one of a kind with FIRE 🔥 potential and a power you didn’t know you had within you. All you have to do is ACTIVATE IT!

And I'm here to guide you on that journey...


Ikigai is the Japanese concept that embodies your 'reason for being' or 'your purpose in life.'

It's the thing that gets you up in the morning - excited, fearless, and ready to take on the day!

Ikigai is the heart of my coaching program and can be incorporated in all areas of life.

Whether you're embarking on a new adventure, unsure of which path to take, feeling unfulfilled, unmotivated, and behind in life - having Ikigai will give you the answers you seek.

Change can be challenging and creating that dream life you always wanted can be overwhelming. But guess what...

through my experience living life abroad in Japan, I learned that...


Ikigai isn't about being your BEST self, it's about being your TRUE self. It's about honesty with your wants and needs. Beyond that, having Ikigai is not about your job, it's about who you are that attracts abundance, freedom, opportunities, positive experiences, and happiness in your life.

Having Ikigai is the ultimate way to soul search and discover your truest and highest potential.

This is What I Stand For in my Coaching Methods...

I believe, wholeheartedly, that finding your purpose is about learning to follow your intuition and walking many paths in order to learn, grow, and change. Your purpose is everything you ARE on a daily basis, what you put into each aspect of your life - your relationships, spirituality, environment, rituals, habits, understanding of your self, and more.
Ikigai is a life you're proud of and a way to accept yourself as human. Having purpose is a way to become resilient, step into your power, and make life happen FOR you. Your purpose drives you to become an honest version of yourself to attract the most aligned lifestyle, career, and community.
You are the writer of your story. It's possible to unlearn what you were conditioned to believe and it's possible to live the life of your dreams. You just need your own, personal system and a guide to help you on this journey to fulfillment.
Although Ikigai is the foundation of my methods, I include multiple mindset techniques to help you make the necessary shifts in order to empower yourself and create a life worth living.

Japanese mindset methods used in my coaching method...

✔️Wabi Sabi

Reaching your goals and changing habits

The understanding and concept of imperminence


The art of small details and 'perfectionism'

The ability to coexist with your emotions while taking action

✔️Morita Therapy
✔️Ichigo Ichie

The concept of 'once in a lifetime' and 'the present moment'

Cultivating your inner child building a growth mindset

✔️Beginner's Mind

The art of self-reflection and understanding the your wants and needs

and more...


Depending on my client's needs, we also look at...

✔️Limiting Beliefs

Learning to recognize untrue or unwanted thoughts 


Using your energy to create abundance.

✔️Journaling Techniques

Asking yourself the right questions to understand who you are

✔️Building on Confidence & Self-Worth

Learning to step into your power and become unstoppable

✔️Breaking habits & Taking Action

Re-wire your brain and turn your life around

✔️Connection & Relationship Techniques

Cultivate the relationships in your life and build community

✔️Understanding Your Vision & Values

Making decision making and life progress MUCH easier

and more...

This is what Ikigai Mindset and Self-Empowerment coaching can do for you...

🌸 Give you more confidence, energy, and motivation
🌸Gift you a greater sense of fulfillment
🌸Provide purpose, abundance, and success in whatever you set out to do
🌸 Provide clarity, a plan, and a way to create a positive impact in your life
🌸 Allow you to become more resilient, efficient, and focused
🌸 Allow you to build stronger and more meaningful relationships
🌸 Guide you in manifesting your dream life and attract abundance
🌸 Amplify your experiences and opportunities
🌸 Help you understand your passions, career, and relationships
🌸Guide you in reinventing yourself and developing a growth mindset
🌸 Empower you to move toward your vision and work through your goals

Who Is This Mentorship For?

🌸 Those who dream big but don't take action
🌸 multi-passionate dreamers who need direction and purpose in their lives
🌸 Those who feel as though something is missing despite their current situation
🌸 Those who seek a deeper connection in their relationships and within themselves
🌸 Those who feel they need a change, have an idea of what they want, but afraid to do it
🌸  Those who need a change but don't know exactly what they want
🌸 Entrepreneurs or influencers who need guidance on achieving purpose and
confidence in their brand and business
🌸 Those who are living life abroad and unsure of what their next move is in life
🌸 Those who feel alone and completely unbalanced

So if you want to feel like this....

You're living on your own terms, confident, and resilient

You're waking up excited for the day ahead of you

Any resistance and uncertainty you had has faded away

You're fearless, motivated, and empowered in your own life

You're exploding with vibrancy, inspiration, and passion in everything you do

You know what you want and feel unstoppable

But you're being held back by this...



Self Doubt



Limiting beliefs 

Disconnection from yourself

People Pleasing


Don't worry, I got you. I used to be in a similar position.

Kelly Morita   xoxo

Every day I woke up feeling like my path was hazy. I was lost more than ever despite living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world - Japan.


I eventually found myself wanting more, feeling unfulfilled, and out of place. I kept searching for what I wanted to DO and not whom I wanted to BE. I began to base my life on the opinions of others, felt increasingly anxious, distracted, and confused. I began making decisions in my love, social, and personal life that didn’t align with what I truly wanted or who I truly was - manifesting deep dissatisfaction and unhappiness in my life.


I started blaming the world around me for my problems. I asked myself…


“What steps do I need to take?”

"Where do I even start?"

“How do I know I’m on the right path?”

“Is there something I’m missing?”


These are all overwhelming questions that keep people from beginning their journey in the first place.


I explored many passions of mine, thinking I wanted to be a YouTuber, singer, professor, and social media manager. I applied for grad schools, potential job offers, and other opportunities but quit before I started. Nothing felt right and I was so ashamed.


I soon came across the concept of Ikigai. I felt a fire light within me and began to dive deep into Japanese psychology. I soon forgot all of my problems and started to incorporate Ikigai into my life every day. eventually, I manifested the life of my dreams - an amazing, supportive, husband, a successful online coaching business, a stronger community, closer friendships and connections, confidence and peace within myself, and most of all...purpose.

I discovered the secret.


I realized that Ikigai wasn’t about what I do, it was about who I am and understanding myself on a deeper level, trusting in my abilities and the universe so that I can create the life I want. I learned that the meaning of MY life was to inspire and empower myself and others. Everyone has their own meaning, their own, personal Ikigai.


No matter what happened in my life, as long as I had ikigai, I felt fulfilled despite any challenges or setbacks. I was finally living.


And I want this for you too!


In something called, 'The Hero's Journey,'

the hero always meets a mentor along the way who aides him or her in battle.

Anyone who seeks massive change doesn't need to do it alone. The hero needs a guide - someone who has gone from point A to B, already on the other side. This was something I personally was missing on my own journey.


An Ikigai Life Coach


Maybe you've heard it all, scoured the

internet for answers on productivity, self-love, happiness, and motivation but saw zero results within yourself.

Ikigai goes deep. It's a concept that gives you what you want and a kingdom built by you and only you. YOU call the shots and

ultimately find peace in your own life.

As your coach, I can guide you in this.


You could read tons of books, articles, and watch multiple YouTube videos over the course of a few years as you commit to a trial and error lifestyle


you could hire a coach to provide you with the right resources, formulas, and knowledge within 3 to 6 months!

I've experienced so much clarity and direction!

Working with Kelly has been beyond wonderful, she really is an expert at understanding Japan mindset and Ikigai. She helped me identify my Ikiagi and I’ve experienced so much more clarity and direction since! Now everything I do is based around my Ikigai, it definitely makes decision making so much easier. Even my business has felt more aligned because I incorporate my Ikigai in the way I show up and serve, it has become infused into every facet of my life. Thank you so much Kelly for helping me live my purpose!

- Katie Wilkinsonn

She has changed my life for the better and can help you too!

Kelly has not just helped me in regards to assimilating to life abroad, but also my mindset too. She has a goal-driven personality and has inspired me to follow my own dreams and purpose, too. In just a couple of months, I felt empowered, excited, and balanced in my own life. The concept of Ikigai is so beautiful and it fills my soul with so much purpose. I am thriving! I definitely recommend investing in Kelly Morita. She has changed my life for the better and can help you too!

- Kel Preston

Sometimes the change we resist the most is the change we need the most.

Your Investment

Limited spots available!

$2,000 USD

or $600 deposite & x4 monthly payments of $400

3- Month Mentorship

$4,000 USD

or $800 deposite & x6 monthly payments of $575

6- Month Mentorship

Coaching is adjusted to meet your specific goals and needs. I use exactly what I have learned throughout my own life to help you break limits and live a life of fulfillment using my Ikigai Lifestyle Method.

As you embark on this journey you will cultivate awareness, self-love, confidence, and gratitude so that you can understand who you are, where you're going, and make life happen for you.

Throughout this mentorship, you will be supported, encouraged, and guided as you make positive transformations and accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

This journey is not easy but well worth it. Change can be scary but as I guide you on this adventure, everything will begin to feel second nature to you as you step into your power and become the artist of your life.

I'm here to help you dream bigger and step into your power as the truest you and live life the way you envisioned.

What's included

1 x 90-minute kick-off session to get things started

Bi-weekly 45-minute coaching sessions on a 3 or 6 month basis

Unlimited voice message and text support

Recordings of the coaching sessions & follow up notes

Access to all existing courses and programs 

Collaboration opportunities on my podcast or IG lives (if you choose)

A gift and letter from Japan for completing the mentorship!

Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

Choose Your Adventure.

There will never be a perfect time to improve your life.

Ikigai in Branding or


For the ambitious entrepreneur or influencer who's looking for guidance on showing up confidently and authentically, building an aligned audience, and adding Ikigai strategies and purpose into everything they do.

Let's make some shifts in your brand or business, attract abundance & opportunity, gain freedom, and take this to another level!

Ikigai in Life &


For the dreamers who want the complete transformation and support in activating their purpose and living a life full of abundance, happiness, and fulfillment.

We will dive deep into your life as a whole, set tangible goals, and learn strategies to make the necessary shifts in your life to obtain balance and opportunity.

Ikigai in Life Abroad

For brave expats who moved across the world to live their dreams but facing a crossroad in their lives. You live in a gorgeous country yet, feel as if something is missing. You don't know if living abroad was the right choice or if you're just having a tough time adjusting.

Let's make the necessary shifts to find the root of your worries.

For 1:1 Single Session Coaching

1:1 Coaching Is For You If...

You're ready to step into your power, learn the necessary skills to become resilient when facing challenges in life, and attract the right people, experiences, and opportunities

You're ready to ignite your passions into purpose, get out of your own way, and take your dreams to another level

You're ready to find direction and clarity in taking the next step in your life, whether that's setting up a brand or business, moving countries, or going for a dream you think is too big for you.

You're tired of playing small and worrying about what everyone thinks about you. You're ready to take yourself to the next level.

You want to find your Ikigai so that you can show up as your true and honest self in whatever you set out to do in life. It's time to take 100% responsibility and make a change!

You're ready to release what's holding you back, work through your limiting beliefs, and attract abundance, happiness, and positive energy into your life.

You want to wake up in the morning and feel empowered, ready to conquer the day!

Common Questions... ✨

How Long is the Coaching?

I do 3 & 6-month coaching packages. 30-minute single session coaching is also available by application. I package my coaching for those who want to make a more impactful transformation in their lives. 12-month coaching is only available by request.

I Don't Think I Have the Money to Invest Right Now

I know investing in a coach can be scary. I was very hesitant when I hired my first coach but once I did I was able to take the necessary steps to get out of my own way and make changes that allowed me to reach my true potential. I finally have the life of my dreams and I have my mentors to thank for that.

So many people put their money toward tangible things - shoes, clothes, new technology, and gadgets, and it only makes them happy temporarily. People shy away from investments that take time and growth and spiral into life without purpose. 

I invested over $7,000 in coaching alone and I got it all back tenfold because I stepped into my power and went after a life that attracted not only money but gratitude, happiness, more time for ME, inspiration, and creativity. Remember, in the hero's journey, the hero NEEDS a mentor. Someone who is already at point B.

I Don't Know If I'll Have Time

Our coaching calls are twice per month for only 90 and split 45-minute calls. Here's the thing, time is an illusion. We always have time and if making the changes you need to make in your life to discover your purpose and make a difference in everything you do is important to you, you will inevitably create the time. The only way to properly make the necessary shifts in life is to make the commitment and stay consistent. I will be with you every step of the way.

Many people wait because they're waiting for tor the motivation, the right time, a new month or year. But what's stopping you from starting right now? There will never be a right time. In Japanese psychology, there's a little thing called, Morita Therapy. Morita therapy means to take action despite emotion. Your fears are not your identity, start now and make a change today.

Will I For Sure See Results?

I can't guarantee results because YOU are the only one who can make the change, not me. I am only here to guide you. If you show up, implement the strategies, and make a conscious effort, you will see progress and changes in your life. In Ikigai, starting small is very important. Taking life slowly and finding your inner peace will attract the success you seek.

P.S I changed my hair color (updates coming soon!) CHANGE IS GOOD!

You've Made it to the End of The Page...

The universe is trying to tell you something. This page seems to have spoken to you in a way.

you're feeling the fear - scared to invest, unsure where this will take you or if this will work. But I'm here to tell you that if you believe it will work, then it will work.

I've been in your shoes, hovering over the check-out page thinking, "what the hell am I doing?" but instead, I made myself proud and achieved everything I ever hoped for and more. 

Everything I do and create excites me. It's a priceless feeling to have purpose in your life and in all the gifts you put out into the world.

I'm here for you. Let's do this!

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