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Activate your purpose and use it to build a profitable personal brand using a fusion of Japanese and western mindset methods and strategies!



What if I told you that all it takes to build a profitable online personal brand, attract abundance, flow, freedom, and opportunity into your everyday life and online empire is to just be yourself. 🤯

Sounds simple, right?

Just be yourself and you'll achieve and attract anything you desire:

⚡️A successful, purpose-led lifestyle and online personal brand

⚡️An aligned community that keeps coming back for more

⚡️Unlimited, creative flow and unique ideas

⚡️Unshakeable confidence that allows you to step into the leader you're meant to be

⚡️Absolute control and balance over your entire life and online business or brand.

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

And you're probably thinking, "no way! That can't be all it takes! It HAS to be more complicated than that!" 

                                              ✨Well, guess what?✨

That dream is easier to achieve than you think. And the best part is, you don't have to work yourself into burnout or extreme stress to achieve it!

You don't have to spend a ton of money, implement fancy tools, or hire a team in order to create a profitable personal brand that aligns with you!

The problem lies in this...

❌ We think we know who we are, what we want, how to attract followers or clients based on what the internet tells us, but in reality, we don't know any of that! 

❌We tend to see what others are doing and how they're living THEIR lives and running THEIR brand to where we subconsciously use someone else's ideas and process!

❌ We fall victim to the outer world and forget about our inner world: our true passions, voice, and desires.

❌ We constantly worry about what other people think of us on a daily basis, which makes it difficult for us to show up online authentically, make aligned connections and decisions, come up with ideas that match our inner gifts, mission, and message.

❌ Our life is out of balance so our brand or business is out of balance!

❌ We over-analyze our every move, we don't want to make any mistakes, experience setbacks, or endure failure.

❌ We fall into this endless loop of "nothing is working for me!" When you see no progress or get results. So, we stay stuck, self-sabotage, and cultivate self-doubt in our abilities to run an online empire and in ourselves.


We don't know or understand our Ikigai, the Japanese meaning for 'life purpose.'

  And worst of all...

Hear me out...

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You're an aspiring or early-stage influencer or online coach who wants to take your life and personal brand to the next level, share your story, and create a life meant for you with flow and fulfillment.


You're ready to quit playing small and step into your power online and create more aligned opportunities, experiences, and total freedom in your life.

You dream of feeling confident, well put together, and fearless in order to show up as your true, authentic self. You want to quit caring about what other people think of you so that you can unleash your full potential.

You're multi-passionate, have big dreams, and someone who has many interests. You haven't begun your journey with your personal brand yet and you're not sure of what your message or mission would be to attract the clients or audience that aligns with you. You feel the confusion and self-doubt set in.

You're ready to release the limiting beliefs and habits that are holding you back from taking your life and brand to the next level. 

You want to lead a purpose-led, balanced lifestyle to find clarity in who you truly are so that you can launch or level-up a brand that speaks to the world on a whole new level.

You've started a YouTube channel, posting regularly on Instagram or other social networks, got your coaching website up, have an idea or personal brand ready to go, but you don't know if you're doing it all right. You read all the books, took some online courses, watched some masterclasses but you still feel like nothing is really working or falling into place. You see no progress or growth and you start to self-sabotage. 

You envision your personal brand ideas come to life, hitting 5k or 10k months in brand deals, digital courses, and services but feel stuck, unsure of where to start, or how to monetize your idea.

If any of this resonates with you, I feel you. I’ve been there, but trust me when I say, life doesn’t have to be this way.


I know the secret to building that profitable dream brand you've always desired as an influencer or entrepreneur while leading a lifestyle full of purpose, balance, and meaning.

And the best part is...

You don't need to go looking for meaning or purpose to attract the success, abundance, and lifestyle you deserve...

You already have purpose! you’re living something called IKIGAI, the Japanese word for 'life’s worth.' Ikigai already lives within you and is available to you at any given moment.


Ikigai is your SOUL and the key to success in every goal you set for yourself. You Already Have the confidence you need, the fulfillment you seek, and so much more to become the highest version of you! YOU are one of a kind with FIRE 🔥 potential and power you didn’t know you had within you. All you have to do is ACTIVATE IT!

Many people go searching for meaning, purpose, success in ALL the wrong places when really we already have it!

I get it, I was once you.

And I'm here to guide you on the journey to something called, Ikigai Empowerment 🔥


Ikigai is the Japanese concept that embodies your 'reason for being' or 'your purpose in life.'

It's the thing that gets you up in the morning - excited, fearless, and ready to take on the day!

Ikigai is the heart of my coaching program and can be incorporated in all areas of life to allow you to attract what you desire.

Whether you're embarking on a new journey, unsure of which path to take, feeling unfulfilled, playing small, or embodying a lack of confidence - having Ikigai will allow you to live a purpose-led lifestyle so that you can build a profitable online personal brand that speaks to your audience on a whole new level.

Creating that dream life you always wanted is closer than you think. And guess what...

through my experience living life abroad in Japan, starting my own business, building my brand from the ground up, manifesting an aligned community, and hitting 5 and 10k months online, I learned that...


Ikigai isn't about the strategy in what you do, it's about embodying your TRUE self. It's about honesty with your wants and needs, cultivating self-awareness, and mastering resilience - all things needed to run your online empire.


Having Ikigai attracts abundance, freedom, opportunities, positive experiences, and ultimate success in your life and business.

Because of Ikigai and other Japanese mindset methods, I grew my audience and online business organically!

Because of Ikigai and utilizing other Japanese philosophies in my life and online brand, I grew my audience and online business organically!

No bells and whistles, just my authentic self and content!

Here's the thing...

✨You have your own unique gifts that nobody else has✨

Those gifts are clues to how you run your online empire, what your deep desires are, your passions, purpose, and mission, and once you activate that, it translates into everything you do and what you present to the world.

✨It translates into your leadership abilities

✨your products

✨your actions

✨your voice

✨your entire life pie: relationships, connections, spirituality, environment, business, brand, self-belief

and so much more...

Ikigai isn't JUST about what you love, what you're good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for.

It's DEEPER than that! SO, don't be fooled by the internet when you see a diagram like this:

This Venn diagram is what many are calling 'Ikigai' when in fact that is a myth!

This Venn diagram is very much valid in discovering your passions, also known as 'Yarigai' which is necessary to incorporate into the growth of your brand as an influencer or entrepreneur but, it's NOT meant for discovering your purpose! 🤯

Your purpose goes much deeper than this! That's why Ikigai is the ultimate secret to success! And only YOU have the ability to activate your own!

And I've created an 8 step Ikigai Lifestyle activation method that I took straight from my Ikigai Lifestyle Course ALL WHILE you grow your online following, monetize your personal brand, and show up online as the leader you were born to be!

Mind-blown a little? 🤯 Want to learn more?
Although Ikigai is the foundation of my methods, I include multiple mindset techniques to help you make the necessary shifts in order to empower yourself and create unshakable confidence online and offline.

Japanese mindset methods used in my coaching to build your aligned online empire:

✔️Wabi Sabi

Reaching your goals and changing habits

The understanding and concept of imperminence


The art of small details and 'perfectionism'

The ability to coexist with your emotions while taking action

✔️Morita Therapy
✔️Ichigo Ichie

The concept of 'once in a lifetime' and 'the present moment'

Cultivating your inner child building a growth mindset

✔️Beginner's Mind

The art of self-reflection and understanding your wants and needs

and more...


Depending on my client's needs, we also look at...

✔️Limiting Beliefs

Learning to recognize untrue or unwanted thoughts 


Using your energy to create abundance and attract what you desire.

✔️Journaling Techniques

Asking yourself the right questions to understand who you are

✔️Building on Confidence & Self-Worth

Learning to step into your power and become unstoppable

✔️Breaking habits & Taking Action

Re-wire your brain and turn your life around

✔️Connection & Relationship Techniques

Cultivate aligned relationships in your life and build community

✔️Understanding Your Vision & Values

Adding flow into what you do and how you do it.

and more...

While we're diving into your truth, we can then build an authentic brand that shares your gifts and attracts success and abundance into your life.

Let's make you stand out amongst the rest!

Topics we can discuss during our calls...
✨Brand Strategy and techniques
✨Brand style and concept that allows you to share your story
✨My signature strategy - Brand fusion & Alchemy 
✨Working with brands or clients
✨Building what you need to up-level (website, sales pages, offers, courses, digital products, etc.) 
✨Growing organically, scheduling, planning
✨Content Ideas, planning, and scheduling that align with you
✨Narrowing down your online "theme" using the concept of yarigai 
Watch the Brand Fusion & Alchemy IGTV Masterclass

Ikigai Empowerment coaching is something I wish I had when I was building my online personal brand...

Activating my Ikigai and utilizing Japanese and western mindset methods in my everyday life allowed me to match my 9-5 income, quit my job entirely, do more of what I love, and attract an audience that kept coming back and wanting more.

I embodied so much creative flow, ideas, and true essence in my life and projects!

And I not only felt fearless and confident, I felt a sense of peace, calm, and gratitude on my journey, reducing the stress and pressures of society to show up a certain way online and in person.


The best part is...

I didn't have to do any of it by hustling my way to burnout.

I didn't need to spend tons of money on ads, use any fancy tools, or stay up late into the night to get the results I desired.

I utilized my Ikigai to build my personal brand and lead a purpose-led lifestyle with the ancient strategies and secrets of the Japanese, fusing it with my own personal style, on my own terms!

Only then did my reach became wider and I inspired and empowered many through IKIGAI!

So, Imagine this...

🌸 You have more confidence, energy, and motivation in your life. It translates into your creative works as an influencer or entrepreneur.
🌸You wake up every day with a greater sense of fulfillment and the stress and fear of judgment have completely disappeared.
🌸You understand your purpose, passions, and values from the inside out. You know what your personal brand's message and mission is, therefore, it speaks volumes to your now aligned audience.
🌸 You have clarity, a plan, and a way to create a positive impact in your life and online platform.
🌸 You're more resilient, efficient, and focused as you work toward your dreams and goals.
🌸 Your personal brand reflects who you truly are, your true essence, and because of that, you're able to build stronger and more meaningful connections, flow, and freedom online and offline.
🌸 You found your voice and empowered self, allowing you to manifest your dream life through your now monetized personal brand.
🌸 You've amplified your experiences and opportunities in life.
🌸You went from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, unlocking endless possibilities. 
🌸You've got booked out services, plenty of brands who want to collab with you, virtual products selling while you sleep, and so much more!

Who Is This Mentorship For?

🌸 Those who have a dream of becoming an influencer or entreprenuer but need the confidence to show up.
🌸Those who are ready to monetize their purpose and brand but don't know where to start.
🌸Those who want booked-out services, sold out virtual products, and sponsored online opportunities or collaborations 
🌸 multi-passionate dreamers who need direction and purpose in their life and personal brand.
🌸 Aspiring or early-stage entrepreneurs and influencers who want to up-level their brand and lead a purpose-led lifestyle.
🌸 Those who seek a deeper connection with their audience and themselves.
🌸 Those who feel a lack of meaning and purpose in their life or brand.
🌸 Those who desire endless confidence, excitement, and clarity in what they set out to achieve.
🌸Those who are going after their dreams but feeling stuck, unsure of who they are or what their message and mission is, and in need of more guidance.
🌸 Those who feel they need more balance, zen, and opportunity online and offline.

So if you're being held back by this...



Self Doubt



Limiting beliefs 

Disconnection from yourself

People Pleasing


Don't worry, I got you. I used to be in a similar position.

I moved to Japan with a dream to teach English. It was the opportunity of a lifetime! I loved it so much and was living my dreams, doing what I loved. After a couple of years of living abroad, I decided to start a YouTube channel to document my life here.

It wasn't easy in the beginning. I felt vulnerable, nervous, unconfident. I got my first taste of online judgment and criticism. But I kept going because I loved filming and editing. I had a passion for telling stories and sharing my perspective. It brought me so much joy despite the difficulty of growing and enduring any negative comments. It made me tough, lit a fire in my heart, and exercised my mind and my spirit in everything I created and put out to the world. 


As my love for filming, content creation, and influencing grew, so did my interests and passions. I started to question my love for teaching. Even though I had my dream job, I wasn't feeling entirely aligned. Why was this?

The thing was, I loved teaching AND creating. I discovered that my love for both of these things had a deeper meaning. It wasn't about the job at all, it was the fact that I could inspire and empower others through my gifts, voice, and creations that lit my heart on fire. 🔥

✨All of this was revealed to me through a concept called, Ikigai.✨

I began to dive deep into Japanese philosophy and started to incorporate Ikigai into my life every day. eventually, I manifested the life of my dreams -


a successful online coaching business that hit $20k in sales the first three months, a YouTube channel that hit 100,000 subscribers in 1 week, a stronger, more aligned community, closer friendships and connections, confidence and peace within myself, and most of all...purpose in everything I am and put out into the universe.


I discovered the secret.


I realized that Ikigai wasn’t about what I did, it was about who I was and understanding myself on a deeper level, trusting in my abilities and the universe so that I can create the life I wanted and build a profitable online brand of my own. 


As I moved forward with my Ikigai in mind, I was able to ask myself the right questions, attract the right people, explore my niche on a deeper level, and add more flow and value into what I was trying to achieve. I showed up as my authentic self and felt so much freedom! I found so much balance, success in my business and life that I HAD to share these secrets with others!

As a coach, I am able to create, teach, guide, empower, inspire, and influence at the same time. I still work with brands, engage with my viewers on YouTube, and am always finding ways to evolve and uplevel my message and mission.

And so can you!


An Ikigai Empowerment Coach


In something called, 'The Hero's Journey,'

the hero always meets a mentor along the way who aides him or her in battle.

Anyone who seeks massive transformation doesn't need to do it alone. The hero needs a guide - someone who has gone from point A to B, already on the other side. This was something I personally was missing on my own journey.


Maybe you've heard it all, scoured the

internet for answers on productivity, growth, flow, and motivation but saw zero results within yourself.

Ikigai goes deep. It's a concept that gives you what you want and a kingdom built by you and only you. YOU call the shots and

ultimately find success and peace in your own life. As your coach, I can guide you in this.


You could read tons of books, articles, and watch multiple YouTube videos over the course of a few years as you commit to a trial and error lifestyle


you could hire a coach to provide you with the right resources, formulas, and knowledge within 3 to 6 months!

I've experienced so much clarity and direction!

Working with Kelly has been beyond wonderful, she really is an expert at understanding Japan mindset and Ikigai. She helped me identify my Ikiagi and I’ve experienced so much more clarity and direction since! Now everything I do is based around my Ikigai, it definitely makes decision making so much easier. Even my business has felt more aligned because I incorporate my Ikigai in the way I show up and serve, it has become infused into every facet of my life. Thank you so much Kelly for helping me live my purpose!

- Katie Wilkinsonn

She has changed my life for the better and can help you too!

Kelly has not just helped me in regards to assimilating to life abroad, but also my mindset too. She has a goal-driven personality and has inspired me to follow my own dreams and purpose, too. In just a couple of months, I felt empowered, excited, and balanced in my own life and brand. The concept of Ikigai is so beautiful and it fills my soul with so much fire!  I am thriving! I definitely recommend investing in Kelly Morita. She has changed my life for the better and can help you too!

- Kel Preston

I love how she uses both Japanese
& western-style approaches.

“Kelly is an incredibly talented individual and a great coach. She really challenged me to think beyond my career and focus also on self-improvement. I love how she uses both Japanese and Western-style approaches in helping me find my passions and strengths. I’m very happy I worked with her and grateful for everything I have learned!”

- Adriana

I have so much creative flow & confidence!

“I'm so grateful for Kelly! She's sharing secrets to success that nobody talks about! She helped me discover my purpose where it would have taken me much longer without her guidance. I run an Etsy business and didn't know my message until now. I'm able to speak to my audience in ways I couldn't have imagined! I now have a purpose and passion that has up-leveled my business, giving me so much excitement and energy when I wake up in the morning to start the day. Thank you so much!!! Because of you, I have so much creative flow and confidence. Ideas are endless! I can't wait to move forward.”

- Michele 

After our calls, I felt incredibly inspired and supported.

Working with Kelly has been nothing short of amazing. If you are considering coaching with her, do yourself a favor and do it! Kelly went above and beyond using her experiences and knowledge to help me with my goals in every way possible. After our call, I felt incredibly inspired and supported. I genuinely could not recommend coaching with Kelly enough!"

- Amber 

It's time to unlock your purpose and monetize it... ✨

Your Investment

Limited spots available & prices will go up! Now is your chance!


$2,000 USD

or $700 deposit & x4 monthly payments of $425

3- Month Mentorship

$4,000 USD

or $1,000 deposit & x6 monthly payments of $575

6- Month Mentorship

Coaching is adjusted to meet your specific goals and needs. I use exactly what I have learned throughout my own life to help you break limits and live a life of fulfillment using my Ikigai Lifestyle Method.

As you embark on this journey you will cultivate awareness, self-love, confidence, and gratitude so that you can understand who you are, where you're going, and make life happen for you, showing up as your authentic self within your personal brand.

Throughout this mentorship, you will be supported, encouraged, and guided as you make positive transformations and accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

This journey is not easy but well worth it. As I guide you on this adventure, everything will begin to feel like second nature as you become the empowered you.

I'm here to help you dream bigger, step into your power as your truest self, and live life the way you envisioned, all while running an online empire that you LOVE!

What's included

1 x 90-minute kick-off session to get things started

Bi-weekly 45-minute coaching sessions on a 3 or 6 month basis

Unlimited voice message and text support

Recordings of the coaching sessions & follow up notes

Access to all existing courses and programs 

Collaboration opportunities on my podcast or IG lives 

A gift and letter from Japan for completing the mentorship!

No more chasing clients, followers, and success! 

I was able to activate something called, "The Ikigai Effect" to attract success and fulfillment in my online brand TO ME!

and so can you!

It's time to utilize a new concept with an ancient idea to take your brand to the next level.

Let's do this! 🔥

Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

Choose Your Adventure.

There will never be a perfect time to go for it!

6 Month Coaching

For the ambitious entrepreneur or influencer who's looking for the complete transformation in showing up confidently and authentically, building an aligned audience, and adding Ikigai strategies and purpose into everything they do.

Let's make some shifts in your personal brand for the long haul, attract abundance & opportunity, gain freedom, and take it to another level!

3 Month Coaching

This option will give you the support you need to make the necessary shifts in whatever goals you set for yourself.

Add Ikigai strategies and purpose into your life and brand, get clear on what your message is and where you're going, build the confidence and resilience you need to move forward on your journey.

Let's make it happen!

 Single Sessions

If you’re looking for guidance with something specific or looking to gain some clarity and awareness in your life or brand, feeling confused, or need insight on your triggers, thoughts, and emotions, then this could be the push you need.

Let's work through your worries, fears, vision, and values, to attract what you want in your life and creations.

If you're ready to invest, once you apply, I will contact you for a free 25-minute clarity call.

1:1 Coaching Is For You If...

You're ready to step into your power, learn the necessary skills to become resilient when facing challenges in life, and attract the right people, experiences, and opportunities

You're ready to ignite your passions into purpose, get out of your own way, and take your dreams and life to another level

You're ready to find direction and clarity in taking the next step in your life and brand, whether that's monetizing your passions, starting a new idea, or going for a dream you think is too big for you.

You're ready to quit playing small and make an impact with your hidden gifts - let them be known within your online platform!

You want to activate your Ikigai so that you can show up as your true and honest self in whatever you set out to do in life. It's time to take 100% responsibility and become the leader you know you are!

You're ready to release what's holding you back, work through your limiting beliefs, and attract abundance, happiness, and positive energy into your life and online coaching business or influencing platform!

You want to wake up in the morning and feel empowered, ready to conquer the day!

You're tired of playing small and worrying about what everyone thinks about you.

Common Questions... ✨

How Long is the Coaching?

I do 3 & 6-month coaching packages. Single session coaching is also available by application. I package my coaching for those who want to make a more impactful transformation in their lives and personal brand. 12-month coaching is only available by request.

I Don't Think I Have the Money to Invest Right Now

I know investing in a coach can be scary. I was very hesitant when I hired my first coach but once I did I was able to take the necessary steps to get out of my own way and make changes that allowed me to reach my true potential. I finally have the life of my dreams and I have my mentors to thank for that.

So many people put their money toward tangible things - shoes, clothes, new technology, and gadgets, and it only makes them happy temporarily. People shy away from investments that take time and growth and spiral into life without purpose. 

I invested over $7,000 in coaching alone and I got it all back tenfold because I stepped into my power and went after a life that attracted not only money but gratitude, happiness, more time for ME, inspiration, and creativity. Remember, in the hero's journey, the hero NEEDS a mentor. Someone who is already at point B.

I Don't Know If I'll Have Time

Our coaching calls are twice per month for only 90 and split 45-minute calls. Here's the thing, time is an illusion. We always have time and if making the changes you need to make in your life to discover your purpose and make a difference in everything you do is important to you, you will inevitably create the time. The only way to properly make the necessary shifts in life is to make the commitment and stay consistent. I will be with you every step of the way.

Many people wait because they're waiting for tor the motivation, the right time, a new month or year. But what's stopping you from starting right now? There will never be a right time. In Japanese psychology, there's a little thing called, Morita Therapy. Morita therapy means to take action despite emotion. Your fears are not your identity, start now and make a change today.

Will I For Sure See Results?

I can't guarantee results because YOU are the only one who can make the change, not me. I am only here to guide you. If you show up, implement the strategies, and make a conscious effort, you will see progress and changes in your life. In Ikigai, starting small is very important. Taking life slowly and finding your inner peace will attract the success you seek.

Do I Have to Already Have a Business or Brand to get Ikigai Empowerment Coaching?

My coaching is geared toward aspiring or early-stage influencers/entrepreneurs! No, you do not have to already have a brand or business. If you're dreaming about it, have some ideas, or have no idea where to start and need guidance. I am here for you. Ikigai is all about becoming who you truly are to go after the life you want. It's all about coming into alignment with yourself and finding fulfillment in your everyday life. That's when the magic begins to happen! Therefore, we can work on your ideas as well as create balance and flow using Japanese techniques! It's about mastering yourself! 

If I Sell or Want to Sell Only Physical Products, Can You Help With This?

As your coach, I can help you with the branding and mindset side of things. This includes but not limited to brand colors, message, mission, strategy fused with mindset, confidence, and showing up online more to sell your services. I can not help you set up an E-commerce page for anything tangible but we can find a way to build your social media that will in the end, attract your aligned following and customers!

If I Need a Mindset Coach Only, Are Your Services For Me?

If you already have a brand and need help with the mindset and confidence side of running an online business or showing up online, I got you. We can focus on this and set goals! If you do not have or aspire to be an influencer or entrepreneur, I'm afraid this service is not for you BUT I do have an online course called, The Ikigai Lifestyle Course 2.0 for anyone who needs s a mindset shift. I offer VIP sessions for those who need mindset help like you.

P.S I changed my hair color (updates coming soon!) CHANGE IS GOOD!

You've Made it to the End of The Page...

The universe is trying to tell you something. This page seems to have spoken to you in a way.

you're feeling the fear - scared to invest, unsure where this will take you or if this will work. But I'm here to tell you that if you believe it will work, then it will work.

I've been in your shoes, hovering over the check-out page thinking, "what the hell am I doing?" but instead, I made myself proud and achieved everything I ever hoped for and more. 

Everything I do and create excites me. It's a priceless feeling to have purpose in your life and in all the gifts you put out into the world.

I'm here for you. Let's do this!

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