Looking for an extra push? A plan for a specific project? A way to get visible or amplify your content? I got you!


My 60-minute empowerment and 90-minute intensive 1:1 coaching sessions may just be enough to take you to that next level.

Single session coaching is designed to help you find answers to specific questions, come up with new ideas, guide you in decision making, and help you move toward the root of what might be holding you back in your life, business, or brand!

In these sessions, we will create a plan or strategy to help you take your next step in building your online empire. 

If you would like to learn more about my methods click below to understand what my approach is all about, hear my story, and possible strategies used to help you break limits. If you feel that single session coaching isn't enough for you, 4 and 6-month coaching packages are available with AMAZING benefits including all of my launched courses and unlimited support. 

Image by Maddi Bazzocco

60 - Minute EXPANSION Session

- 60-minute Zoom video call with Kelly Morita

- Recording of the session

Image by STIL

90 - Minute


- 90-minute Zoom video call with Kelly           Morita

- Recording of the session

-  Notes and next-step action plan from the session


I had a coaching call with Kelly, and I have to say that if you're considering signing up for one, GO FOR IT! She has a wealth of knowledge, encouragement, and passion that can give you the "oomph" you need.

— Taylor