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Does This Sound Like You?

✔️You’re showing up online, posting on socials, doing all the work to come up with new content but it doesn’t seem to be reaching anyone.


✔️You’re burning yourself into the ground posting several times a week in order to get that next sale!


✔️You show up online and find nobody is listening, watching, or engaging with your posts.


✔️You continuously check your DMs only to find bots, cold DMs from other coaches, or worse…crickets.


✔️You feel you sound “salesy” in your content, you’re tired of constantly promoting your offers, and resorting to the cold DM tactic because you feel if you don’t do ALL of these things, nobody will buy.


✔️You’re engaging on socials for HOURS and HOURS hoping someone will notice you, follow you, and EVENTUALLY buy from you.


✔️You’ve raised your price but still…nobody is buying.


✔️Or maybe you’re a new entrepreneur and have no idea what to post about, how to create epic content in the first place, and lack the confidence to show up online in the most authentic way.

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I get it. I've been there...

But what if I told doesn't have to be that way?

What if you didn't have to:

❌Consistently show up online to sell when your content does it for you!

❌Cold DM anyone to get potential clients to buy your programs and services (this should never be the answer)

❌Engage on socials for HOURS on end

❌Show up or post every single day, straight into burnout

❌Spend another dime on get rich quick schemes hoping their 'formula' will accelerate your success

What if there was simply more fun and flow in your content planning and creation process?


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It’s time to unlearn everything you think you know about sales and business.


It’s time to instead, become the version of you that attracts effortlessly…


And it starts with your influence. ✨

We forget that even though we’re entrepreneurs, we're influencing as well.


And influencing is NOT convincing.


I'm not talking about the gurus that work with brands. I’m talking about YOU as an influential coach or service provider.


Your influence is what builds trust, authority, and relationships with your community and beyond...


And THAT is the number one thing you should be focusing on when it comes to scaling your business.


The $10k, $20k, and $30k months comes as a byproduct of YOUR influence.


A result of your strong, amplified content!


You, as an influential coach or service provider, influence people to join your community, listen to your live masterclasses, buy your products, and CRAVE more from you!


But how do we do that?


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where you erase everything you think you know about business and content creation and build a content strategy that has MEANING, PURPOSE, and PASSION.

Pink Gradient

Your content is where your leadership and authority begins. It’s your empire, your voice, your values, everything you’re about as a coach or service provider.


If you’re not seeing the sales or clients roll in, I hate to say it but you have a positioning a problem, a glitch in your content strategy.


And the thing is…

You already have the power within you to activate that voice in your content and I’m here to help you do that.

Let me know if you ever felt this way when purchasing a coaching program, course, or masterclass...

“Why didn’t that 100k formula work for me?”


“She said she made 30k in a month, why haven’t I done that?”


“I’m still not making sales…I just want to give up.”

If you see any type of get rich formula, 🤑 run the other way!

Here’s a reality check:


If you’re so focused on making that income. It won’t happen. ESPECIALLY if it comes from a place of need and fear.


So what do you do when you aren’t making the sales?

🙆‍♀️Focus on your influence

🙆‍♀️your leadership

🙆‍♀️what you’re here to share with the world

🙆‍♀️building connections, Your absolute truth and purpose.

And guess what?

YOUR FREE CONTENT can help you achieve this!

YES, completely through your free content, you can build a community that continuously comes back for more!

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Here's the thing...

If nobody knows who the hell you are, then no matter if you price high or low, nobody will pay you. It’s just as hard to sell a low priced item as it is a high priced item If you don’t position yourself right.


And it can take building momentum. It can take some nurturing for it all to happen. It can take putting MORE of your magic out there to amplify your magnetism.


But be open to anything being possible at any moment!


When you focus on your influence, huge success can happen at any time. A client can book you the second week in business. Why? Because you figured out a way to amplify the truest YOU!  You raised your voice and made yourself known. You are magnetic.


I want you to know that…


You are SO special, so unique, and THAT is what makes you stand out from the rest in this industry.


Everyone is a business, mindset, fitness, spiritual, coach.


Everyone is a VA, graphic designer, artist, copywriter…


But what makes you different? What are you about? THAT'S the million dollar $$$ question!


You have so much personality, new perspectives to share, and a message to put out into the world. That’s where your influence lies. We aren’t robots! 🤖

Set yourself free and the 💸 will naturally flow ~

So what exactly do you get in the Soul Content Creation Lab?

This course is a space for you to re-invent yourself online!

⚡A 5 week intensive program with 5 in depth up to 90 minute lessons

⚡The exact content planning methods I use to post a ton without burn out

⚡How to infuse YOUR personality, unique voice and gifts into your content

⚡We’ll talk about repurposing, caption writing, and creating content that actually converts!

⚡Focus on various types of content to show up in creative, eye catching ways

⚡Weekly content challenges in the Facebook membership (DIY)

⚡Tools I use to create epic content

⚡Will touch base on all social platforms - Podcast, YouTube, Instagram, and more… (whatever you are using, this applies to it all)

⚡Bonus checklist to create kickass content

⚡IG Canva templates

⚡A BONUS mini course: The Mysterious World of Hashtags (set yourself up so you no longer have to think about your hashtags)

⚡Connections and community relationships - an opportunity to network with like minded coaches and service providers

It's time to activate your soul creations to accelerate your success! ✨

So imagine this...

Pink Gradient

✨You make sales in your sleep because your content simply sells for you


✨You’re selling from a place of ease, passion, and integrity


✨Your audience is lining up to get your next and newest program!


✨Your message and mission is finally reaching people!


✨You've become the go-to in your niche


✨Your community is growing consistently, your building connections, and changing so many lives


✨You feel like the leader you’ve always wanted to become


✨You no longer need to utilize any salesy tactics or hustle your way to passive sales!

✨Goodbye Sales calls! You don't need them!

I get you...

You're probably thinking, "does this all really work? I was taught so different!"


There’s so much noise in the online space it can be difficult to figure out what’s “right” and what’s “wrong”


I was in a similar position like you before I quantum leapt into selling out my own programs in just 3 months of business and it wasn’t through what was being taught in the online coaching industry today!

Let me introduce myself,


My name is Kelly Morita, I’m 31, & I live in the beautiful land of the rising sun, 🇯🇵 Japan, loving every second of it.


I'm an Ikigai empowerment, brand, and biz coach helping aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs to utilize the power of influence and authenticity to stand out, sell out, and build a magnetic, online brand and biz! 💕


My mission is to help others unlearn everything they think they know about life & business to create an online empire of their dreams that ATTRACTS, live financially free doing what they love, discover their passions and purpose, and shed the layers of the conditioned self to show up offline and online confidently! I believe wholeheartedly that living an Ikigai lifestyle while running an online business is the key to growth and success! ✨


Getting to this point in my life where I'm working full-time in my passions and purpose was a journey but completely worth it! I transformed and shifted my entire mindset using a mix of Japanese and western strategies, incorporated it into my own personal brand, business, and life, and then... things just took off from there! 😊 🚀


I Love, love, LOVE social media and have been working in this field for over 7 years! I started out as a travel/lifestyle influencer amassing over 200,000 in my community across all social platforms & working as a content strategist for two other companies part-time. One day, I decided, “I need to share more of my knowledge with the 🌎!" so I hired my first business coach and built something that allowed me to do what I love full-time!


I found so much success despite the beginning struggles, hitting $20k in my first three months of business 🤯 (due to my close connection with my community) and I'm now teaching others how to achieve this too by creating a magnetic, passionate, and irresistible brand and business of their own that people can't stop talking about!


We have so much at our fingertips today, and I truly believe we can create the life that we want!


Meet Your Guide

By sharing my expertise, beliefs, lifestyle, and behind the scenes content, I was able to grow quickly and sell quickly.


But I found myself stuck when I started implementing tactics that simply didn’t resonate with me.


I was coming from a place of wanting those 5k or 10k months, NEEDING the clients, always wondering when the next sale would come.


But then I thought to myself, why am I ditching what worked before? It was never about the money and always about the message I had to share with the world, my influence, my compassion, my integrity, my purpose.


After focusing on that through my voice and content, I was able to sell out without even having my sales page built! People naturally loved what I had to share and gravitated toward me.


Now I’ve coached over 100 beautiful souls and ready to help even more coaches and service providers in the online space expand their possibilities and vision.

❌NO MORE manipulative sales strategies

❌NO MORE  wondering why nothing is selling

❌NO MORE burn out and feeling so restricted with what you can and can't share

❌NO MORE spending thousands of dollars on coach after coach because really, I got you. 😉

So if you’re ready to dive deep on amplifying your influence through content so that you stand out from the rest, enroll today!


We start August 6th

This five week Program is the value of $1,000 


But I’m giving it to you for only $450! 🤯🤯🤯

VIP option is available with a 60 minute strategy session with me for only $650! 🤯🤯🤯


Untitled design (1).png
Untitled design (1).png

 Payment plans available!


If you have any questions DM me on Instagram

Pink Clouds

This 5 Week Workshop is For You if...

✔️You’re an aspiring or early-stage entrepreneur ready and empowered to up level your content


✔️You’re willing to show up and take the inspired action


✔️Willing to learn an entirely new perspective on selling and online creating


✔️A solopreneur who’s doing everything on their own and looking for a better way to organize and build your business with content strategy


✔️Running your business as a side gig and hoping to quit your 9-5


✔️Ready to stand out and get visible amongst all the similar coaches and service providers out there


✔️It’s all or nothing, you’re ready to start working toward your dream life and making sh** happen for you, no more excuses!

This 5 Week Workshop is NOT For You if...

❌You're not willing to take action on all the lessons you've learned from each module.


❌You put in zero effort and expect everyone to do the work for you and fix all your problems instead of looking within yourself first.


❌You want quick, easy results that will happen overnight without putting in your time and energy.


❌You make excuses as to why something isn't working for you.


❌You're unwilling to be open-minded, embrace new ideas, and be consistent.


❌You're not willing to accept that this is a lifetime/forever change and self-development journey even as a business owner


I’m going to be REAL with you...


Building a brand and business is all about self discovery, knowing who you are inside and out, not succumbing to beliefs that don’t align with you, and so much more.


It can take everyone different amounts of time to achieve success.


It takes experimenting and trying new things and possibly even inventing something entirely NEW which is even better.


I proudly incorporate Ikigai empowerment into my coaching and Ikigai is about activating YOU on soul level. It’s not about what you do but who you ARE!


YOU are the brand, the voice, the change.


Become that, focus on that, and you will succeed!

Do I need to have a business to join?
No, you don't need to already have a business to join. If you're thinking about starting a business, you can consume the lessons, and be ahead of the game when you DO start. This is also a great opportunity for networking and connecting.

I'm great at creating graphics already, is this program for me?
This isn't just about creating graphics, it's about creating your true online persona, learning to show up confidently in your content so you're seen as a leader, and learning to create impact to build a loyal community! We go beyond graphic art!

Will I have the replays of the lessons?

Yes! Replays and resources will be available for life!

How can I work with you 1 on 1?
I have both single session and monthly coaching available if you'd like to go deeper!

Is this course only for women?
Nope! This course is available to women, men, whatever you identify as!


If you have any more specific questions about this program please DM me or send me an E-mail at