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Brand your purpose, monetize your influence, and master the art of online business & social media.

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A Mastermind for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Content Creators 


Creative Business is about fun, flow, and learning how to express yourself on social media to make sales, build an aligned audience, and turn your feed into a reflection of  YOU!


Become the artist of your digital canvas and make more money!


Does This Sound Familiar?

  • "I want to build my personal brand and business, but I have no idea where to start!"

  • "I always let the fear of what others think of me hold me back from posting confidently on social media!"

  • "I wish I could work from anywhere, monetize what I love to do, and impact others with my work!"

  • "I have a message, mission, and vision but I don't know if it's clear or how to even share or express what I have to say."

  • "I'm not getting the results I want and feeling creatively stuck."

  • "Does anyone even care what I have to say?"

  • "I wish I had more clients, customers, and followers who continue to come back for MORE!"

  • "I don't have a solid strategy to build my online presence, market my expertise, or create impactful content."

You are a unique force in the online space.


You have a message, mission, and purpose deep within you, ready to be activated and shared!

You are needed and your voice is the ultimate gateway to that freedom you wish to have in your life, the center of your creative core, and worth a million dollars! 💸💸💸

Your personal brand tells a story that SELLS & People want to experience it!

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Creative Business Society is a Different Kind of Community!

A lot of courses, programs, and masterminds promise consistent growth, a large following, unlimited abundance, booked out services, and so much more but the truth is, despite learning so much, a lot of people come out of those programs more lost than ever. The hype is short lived and they end up hitting walls.

Why is that?

After working with several entrepreneurs, digital creators, freelancers, and analyzing my own experience as a successful entrepreneur and influencer, I've come to realize that the TWO missing pieces to effortless growth, sales, and success wasn't being taught.

The TWO pieces that changed the game for both my clients and myself on this journey to build the ultimate online empire that stands out amongst the rest...

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1. The Power of Influence

Your creative business is an ecosystem of several modalities:

Mindset + Energy + Influence + Strategy

Your personal brand IS your influence and it's the ultimate sustainable foundation & weapon for growing your following, cultivating a loyal community who loves to learn and buy from you, and selling out whatever you have to offer!

Your mindset surrounding your creative business fuels your energy (AKA your online presence) which fuels your influence, which then fuels your marketing strategies so that you can ultimately build that desired momentum to catapult your online business toward sustainable success!

Your influence is the driving force to reaching your people and a critical skill needed to make an impact.

Your influence is the way you DELIVER your messaging, COMMUNICATE your offerings, beliefs, thoughts, and values, and the WAY you express yourself and show up in the online space.

It's one thing to get clear on your messaging and position yourself as that authority, but without influence, the sales process, your follower growth, and captured attention from the RIGHT PEOPLE doesn't begin.

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2. The Concept of Ikigai

Ikigai is the Japanese concept that embodies your 'reason for being' or 'your purpose in life.'

It's the thing that gets you up in the morning - excited, fearless, and ready to take on the day!

Ikigai is the heart of my coaching program and can be incorporated in all areas of life and business to allow you to attract what you desire.

Using the concept of Ikigai to build your personal brand is crucial. 

What a lot of coaches don't get is that everyone is SO DIFFERENT! Everyone has a unique personality, values, story, zones of genius, and skillset!

Therefore, everyone's growth and journey is different.

I believe that understanding your truth and who you are inside and out is the key to a powerful online business and personal brand!

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Imagine If...

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  • You knew exactly how to connect with your audience and show up online naturally.

  • You had clarity around the message you wanted to share with your people.

  • You became the go-to, the influential voice in your niche

  • You made a full time income doing what you love on social media!

  • You increased in followers, sales, or clients, at an alarming rate!

  • You felt unwavering confidence whenever you posted on social media.

  • You had a clear mind and purpose that allowed you to create the way YOU wanted to create.

  • You knew exactly who you are in this digital space, feeling limitless in possibilities.

  • You were part of a like minded community that supported, inspired, and motivated you to keep going.

  • You felt the pressures of being perfect lift off your shoulders.

  • You could create content consistently and build a brand you love without hustle and burnout.

  • You had a coach who showed you EXACTLY how to monetize your socials, creative ideas, and vision.

  • You had a mentor who is CUSTOM in your creative projects and business so that you can embody who you're meant to be online!

Introducing the Creative Business Society

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CBS is a 12 week mastermind for entrepreneurs, digital creators, coaches, and freelancers that empower creative online business owners to take control of their personal brands, expand their online reach, and drive genuine engagements to become wildly successful in the digital space!

Whether you're an online mentor, YouTuber, Influencer, product based business, online service, blogger, artist, or just beginning to figure that part out, this program is perfect for you to build a brand that sticks and monetize the sh** out of it!

This program is for those who want to go beyond social media and build something that's sustainable of their own so that they can have more freedom to do what they love inside and outside their business!

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Dating Mentor

"I honestly am amazed at how comfortable I've become in front of the camera. Looking at my videos from a year ago shows such a huge difference. Thanks, Kelly for the push in my content!"


Content Creator & Brand Strategist

With Kelly, I feel like I found my voice and the best way to express it. I gained incredible confidence when it came to really sharing my story in the online space and I've learned so much when it comes to content connection and creation for my business!


Spiritual Mentor & Holistic Health Service

"I couldn't have built what I built without Kelly. I took the biggest gamble financially but truly believed in her and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made! I made $5k in my first month and woke up to 8 new clients working with Kelly! I was also able to bring to life my dream of running my own online program."


Social Media Manager

"Kelly is so different from other coaches out there and is the embodiment of being your authentic self and using your passions to better the lives of others. Her program really does touch you at soul level and was the kind of direction and guidance I needed! She also was quick to answer any questions I had and really encouraged discussion within the group!"

What my clients have to say

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Meet Your Mentor, Kelly Morita

I started on social media back in 2015 with a burning desire to make an impact and share my voice, art, and creations online.

One thing lead to the next as I told my story, documented my life abroad, and discovered more about who I was in the digital space.

I reached over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube in less than a week as I grew to understand my deeper purpose and what I wanted to share with the world. 

I realized down the line, I had BECOME the brand. It was ME who was the message and the reason why people followed. The clearer I became on this, the easier it was to build a loyal community who eventually bought from me when I pivoted from influencer to entrepreneur.

When I first started my coaching business, I realized that this journey was much deeper than sales strategies and tactics. I understood that most strategies that were taught in this space wouldn't work without the power of influence and a strong personal brand.

My influence, my personal brand, my energy is what MADE my business. It was what sold out my programs, and what gave me a voice in this space.

I scaled my business quickly because I embodied my Ikigai (my truth, purpose, and understanding of the self) and knew how to communicate with my community as an influential figure in my industry.

So I decided to create a community of empowered creators and entrepreneurs with similar struggles of low engagement, lack of connection and growth, telling their story, and showing up online confidently, doing what they love most.

There are too many "have tos" and "shoulds" that I myself NEVER had to do to scale my online personal brand and business. 

No matter what your creative projects are, if you're looking to build sustainably, your personal brand, how you market it, and how you connect naturally with your audience, customers, potential clients matters!


I wholeheartedly believe that the Creative Business Society will be the best investment you make this year! 

This mastermind is a transformational experience that will change the way you see your personal brand and business, interact with your community, and show up online.

This is a community of people who see no limits! You can be a coach AND an influencer. You can make money on YouTube AND your services. You can create multiple streams of income and the best part is, most of it is passive!

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Together, we embrace the perfectly imperfect, step out of our comfort zone, and break the mold of what business and social media looks like so that we can get visible and leave a legacy.

It's time to ditch hustle culture, activate your inner voice and purpose, become unforgettable, and leave others wondering how you did it.


Because, the fact of the matter is, with so much at our finger tips, and the power of social media, ANYONE can build an impactful and profitable online business that supports their lifestyle.

How Does it Work?

The Creative Business Society Mastermind is a 3 month mastermind that includes a 6 module course, ongoing masterclasses, bi weekly group calls and support, with an option to continue.

Module 1 - The Foundation for Success

Learn everything you need to create a strong foundation and solid plan for your personal brand that will bring longevity to your epically aligned business model. We'll get clear on your message and mission using some soul surgery to activate your purpose (ikigai) online to leverage your growth and success!

Module 2 - The Shift

Reprogram your mind to change the way you think about business, become a voice and a strong leader for your community, crush any beliefs you might have that keep you from reaching the success and income you deserve! You are more powerful than you think. I utilize Japanese mindset methods as well as my own signature techniques to help you build unwavering confidence.

Module 3 - Brand Your Purpose

Build a personal brand that screams YOU! I'll share with you the upcoming secrets to branding that's relevant moving into the new year. We will also be using my signature method, Brand Fusion & Alchemy to craft something unique and makes you stand out amongst the rest in the online space.

Module 5 - Building a Magnetic Offer Suite & Sales Strategy

Whether your offer is yourself as an influencer to pitch to other brands, a service, course, membership, or E-book, I will show you how to structure an offer suite that SELLS so that you can scale your business and go beyond monetizing on social media. Having services and products of your own is a sustainable and well controlled way to live a life of freedom! 

Module 4 - The Art of Content Marketing & Social Media

What do YOU have to offer? Why should people care? What makes you worth following? What makes you worth investing in (both time and money)?


Most coaches focus on selling a product or service but what we really need to do is sell YOURSELF and a clear story!


I'll be helping you craft an influence strategy and content marketing strategy that will catapult your creative business toward ultimate success so that retention, growth, and scaling becomes effortless!

Social media is changing all the time and when you don't know how to evolve with social media or understand how your potential followers, clients, or customers are consuming, you lose attention and traction. 

We will uncover the secrets of social media, which platforms are right for you, optimize your profiles, and stand out from the crowd.

Module 6 - Systems & Tools

Let's systemize everything so that you can create more ease moving forward. I'll share with you exactly how my business and socials are set up, productivity hacks, and routines in my daily life that set me up for success. We'll also touch on perfectionism, finding drive and inspiration, balance, and the resilience to make your dreams a reality


  • An encouraging community that will keep you accountable 

  • Ongoing monthly resources and masterclasses 

  • Templates and guides

  • Group coaching calls & answers to any immediate questions you have in the Facebook group

  • 1:1 private coaching option (discount)

  • Self paced curriculum 

  • Lasting friendships

  • Real, transformational results

  • Option for continued support


Choose Your 12 Week Adventure Valued at $5,000 But Given to You For...


Per month or three months PIF for $997

-CBS Course Access

-Group Coaching Call  (monthly)

- Monthly Content Challenges

- Monthly FB live Q&A sessions/Zoom masterclasses

-Access to Community Facebook Group

Level 1


-CBS Course Access

-Group Coaching Call (monthly)

-Access to Community Facebook Group

- Monthly Content Challenges

- Monthly FB live Q&A sessions/Zoom masterclasses

-x3 60min Private strategy session w/ Kelly used within 3 months

Level 2

Per month or three months PIF for $1,500

A Letter from a Client

Leave Your Legacy

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Who is this for?

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Creative Business Society is for the visionary entrepreneur, coach, digital creator, Influencer, or freelancer who wants more freedom to create, live, and run their online business in a way that feels fulfilling for them

You know you're meant for more on this planet and social media is your preferred way to share and express what you're all about!

You're empowered to invest in your future, successful, and impactful personal brand that leaves a mark in the online space!

You know you have what it takes to make it all happen for you and know the importance of having a coach and community to guide you along the way.

You know how good it feels to inspire others and give back to the world!

You understand that money and better opportunities are a byproduct of  embodying your truest, most authentic self.

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You've reached the end of the page! The Universe is telling you something!

If you're feeling too afraid to invest or thinking "will this work for me?" or "I'll wait until..."

I get it...I felt the same way when I invested in my first EVER coaching program.

My heart was pounding, about to hit the purchase button. There was so much resistance but I KNEW I was meant for so much more than the life I was living and had so much to offer.

I knew that the hero NEVER works alone and I needed to start being the main character of my own story.

I knew the power of social media and what it had done for so many other's who dreamed of making money online, seeing them thrive and live life on their own terms.

I consumed all of the free content out there but there was SO much information, I needed a partner and community to help me piece all together.

I tried all the insane strategies being taught out there in the beginning and they weren't  working for me until I realized that it wasn't the marketing or sales strategies that catapulted me to success it was my influence, the way I showed up online, and the amazing audience I had built.

Investing in coaching STILL was the best thing I have EVER invested in in my entire life. I learned so much about myself and who I am in my business.

Fast forward to this moment, I see so many people invest in coaches that don't implement influence and passion into their programs and so I'm going to save you the time and money in the Full Time Ikigai Group Program.

I believe in you. You have what it takes, and I'm here for you every step of the way. 

No more waiting.

If you need some extra motivation, watch the video above.


I don't have a personal brand or business yet, can I still join?

It’s ok to be lost and not know exactly what you’d like to do yet but you should be familiar WITH social media, have a social account set up, and have a loose. 

I just want to do something as a hobby, not make part time or full time income, is this ok?

This program is not for you if you see this as just a hobby. We accept those who have bigger goals and visions for their social platforms and online business. This should be going in the direction of full on income and support.

I don’t have anything I’m selling is that ok?

You don’t need to be selling anything to join but the goal needs to be monetizing somehow whether that’s to eventually start a business (influencer x creative business is great!), sell digital products, coaching, or services and so on.

What exactly IS a mastermind?

A mastermind is a group of like minded, goal driven, individuals who work together to bring their dreams and vision to life. You will be required to come together, help each other out, and take 100% responsibility for your growth and actions with Kelly Morita's guidance.

What if I want to continue

There are options to continue in the mastermind. When it comes to the end of your time, we will send more information

Is this program only for women?

No! This program is for anyone and everyone, whatever you identify as!

I feel I may need more custom support. I'm not interested in the group aspect. Can you help me?

If you’d like deeper, more intimate support on topics beyond personal branding, marketing, and online presence, the 1:1 private coaching options may serve you best!