Build a Profitable Personal Brand that Speaks to Your Audience!

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I am so excited that you landed here - a place full of support, connections, and endless opportunities and possibilities!

A place with like-minded entreprenuers who have dreams of stepping into their power as a leader and creating a brand full of purpose, passion, and authenticity.

I'm guessing you're here because...

✔️ You're so over trying to figure it all out on your own, wishing you had the support and help to build an impactful personal brand and biz.

✔️ You've watched all the Youtube videos, read all the books, and scoured the internet for the answers to all your questions but it's all so overwhelming! What's right and what's not?

✔️ You're feeling stressed the f*** out and frustrated because nothing seems to be working and you're having trouble reaching that desired audience that will show up for you and come back for more!

✔️ You have dreams of booked out services, digital products, and dream clients but you don't know where to start and are hoping to amplify and accelerate your skills on this!

✔️ You're social media feeds are just...lacking and you're wanting to put some life into them, attracting people who love to buy from you!


"Maybe this isn't for me."

"I just can't get it right."

"I'll never be as successful as most entrepreneurs and creators I see online..."

"This is impossible for me!"

Well, I'm here to tell you, THAT'S SOME BS!

OF COURSE, it's possible for you.

Anything others can do, you can do too!

You have the ability to create your reality and the life you DESERVE!


Are you ready?






It's super simple!





Here it comes!


There, I said it!

And guess found one RIGHT HERE to help you on your journey to success!

Why Having a like-minded Community is so Freakin Important!

In something called the 'Hero's Journey', the hero always has a mentor and support from others. They guide the hero through the tough times, the battles, and challenges along the way!


In your life and business/branding journey, you, yourself will face these challenges as well.


As we see in movies, TV, best-selling novels, and in stories we know and love, the hero is NEVER alone in overcoming the hardships that are faced. 

A community holds space for you when you feel defeated, are unsure of your direction, unclear on your strategy, and need a boost of motivation.

A community keeps you accountable, provides inspiration and feedback, and accelerates your success!

Best of all, you have a group of goal-getter friends you can collab with and cultivate meaningful connections with!

This was the ONE thing on my business and branding journey that I needed to find success!

In the beginning, I was doing it all wrong...

I wasn't investing in myself, feeling as if I could figure it out on my own...doing everything myself.

I tried for four years to get my business up and running but not until I joined a community of like-minded people did I get anywhere with it.

So I set out to create a community for those like you who are in the same place I was years ago!


Entrepreneur, coach, Ikigai empowerment and mindset leader, and content creator.

I help aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs like you build a thriving online business through passion and purpose!

The foundation of my business is based on Japanese philosophy, mindset, and business strategies that amplify your voice in the online world.

With 7 years of experience as a content creator, immersing myself in the online world, I'm ready to share with you all the secrets that attracted the success I have online and in my business today.

After starting my own coaching service as an Ikigai empowerment and brand coach, I've been able to help others activate their soul, purpose, and passions so that it translates impactfully within their content!

In my first year in business, I went from $200 to $20k my first launch! I knew this was my calling and I'm ready to help thousands and hundreds of more entrepreneurs do the same!

I've seen first-hand businesses flourish through community and those wishing they had invested in things like a membership earlier.

So now I've created my own community just for you!


But guess what...there's no fluff here.... straight-to-the-point answers, clean-cut masterclasses, and incredible value!!

There really is no denying that business, branding, and content creation isn't easy

trust me, throughout my years of influencing, learning the skills to curate incredible content that attracts thousands of followers, clients, and customers, I've hit my walls...

but I know everyone is capable of the success they desire and I and this amazing group of people are here to guide you, connect with you, and thrive with you on your entrepreneurial journey!



✨ Every time you were held back by fear, your badass group of supporters were there to lift you up and keep you going?

✨Whenever you had a question or sought out an answer to something, all you had to do was post it in the group for an instant response?

✨Every time you felt lost or confused, your squad was there to give you all the answers you need?
✨You finally had a group of amazing aligned friends to talk about business and content creating with?

✨You had a community of people you could collaborate, network, and connect with?

✨Whenever you had a win or accomplishment, you could share it with a group who would celebrate with you?

✨Whenever you needed a boose of inspiration, motivation, and confidence, all you had to do was reach out to your squad!

✨You had an awesome coach who provides the knowledge and skills you need to uplevel your business!



Build a Profitable Personal Brand that Speaks to Your Audience!

🔥A membership platform for all your content creation, personal branding, and business needs

🔥A place for extra support, accountability, motivation, and badass friendships that will accelerate your success in your online business journey

🔥A family you can count on to celebrate your wins, encourage, and empower you to keep going and build your confidence and leadership abilities.


🔥A safe space to share your worries, confusions, and knowledge whenever you. neeeded to with like-minded people 

🔥An inspiring circle of members you can bounce ideas off of and fill your cup with endless creativity!

This community is a place to discover your passions and purpose in business with others so that you can show up online and in your business authentically!



x1 Monthly Masterclass

x1 Monthly live Q&A session with Kelly

Access to masterclass/free courses and replays on the Teachable platform as well as any extra workbooks or resources

Private support group

Extra tools to scale your own brand and biz!

Monthly challenges to keep you on your toes

Promote your services and offers any time!

Opportunities to win coaching sessions, coupons, and permission to give your own masterclass to showcase what you do!

I built my own personal brand on my own, without a team, no bells and whistles, no expensive ads - completely ORGANIC just by adding my passion and purpose to my content.

Since then I've landed several clients, amazing students, and quit my 9-5! 🎉

Having a team is wonderful! But you don't need one to start up or build your business. Especially, at the beginning of it all!


Guest Speakers


Throughout the year we will have guest speakers who come inside the private group to host live training sessions.

As soon as you join you will gain immediate access to our previous guest speakers also



As a member, you will have the opportunity to access discount codes as prizes for my courses and coaching.

You may also win a chance to have a 1:1 coaching sesh with me!


✨Service-based coaches and entrepreneurs who are ready to take their brand and business to the next level.

✨Those who understand that showing up, taking consistent action, and engaging with this community is the ultimate key to success!

✨Those who not only take and learn but also give and provide feedback, encouragement, and support to others.


✨Those who are open-minded and ready to achieve incredible things, knowing you can have and achieve anything you set your mind to

✨Those who are tired of playing small, frustrated with all the random information out there, and wanting clear-cut answers for growing their online business.


✨Those who refuse to contribute to the group in any way

✨Those who aren't open-minded, judging or criticizing other's work or business

✨You're not willing to take consistent action, engage with the community, or show up for yourself and others


✨Those who only take and not give

✨You make excuses for why things "won't work" for you and your circumstances


Ikigai is the Japanese concept that embodies your 'reason for being' or 'your purpose in life.'

It's the thing that gets you up in the morning - excited, fearless, and ready to take on the day!

Ikigai is the heart of my coaching program and can be incorporated in all areas of life to allow you to attract what you desire.

Whether you're embarking on a new journey, playing small, or embodying a lack of confidence - having Ikigai will allow you to live a purpose-led lifestyle so that you can build a profitable online personal brand that speaks to your audience on a whole new level.

Creating that dream life you always wanted is closer than you think. And guess what...

through my experience living life abroad in Japan, starting my own business, building my brand from the ground up, manifesting an aligned community, and hitting $5 and $10k months online, I learned that...


Ikigai isn't JUST about the strategy in what you do, it's about embodying your TRUE self. It's about honesty with your wants and needs, cultivating self-awareness, and mastering resilience - all things needed to run your online empire.


Having Ikigai attracts abundance, freedom, opportunities, positive experiences, and ultimate success in your life and business.


And we will most definitely work on the mindset aspect in business using a fusion of Japanese and western-style techniques!

Gone are the days where building a brand and business needs to be hard!

I created The Ikigai Empowerment Circle with the goal to make YOU stand out in your online biz!

So what are you waiting for?

Become the leader you know you are and join in on the fun!



If I'm selling a physical product, running an E-commerce page, or a brick-and-mortar business, is this for me?

This membership is for service-based providers. If you sell digital courses and/or products this is for you as well!

For E-commerce, brick-and-mortar, or physical products or locations you can still get a lot of value out of this as I will be discussing your brand personality, social media tricks and tips, and showing up online to sell your services authentically and confidently.

How much is my investment for this membership?

The membership costs just $36 USD per month or $415 per year! A great deal for all the information you get on building a business and brand!

What if I'm unhappy with the membership?

If you are unhappy with the membership, at any stage, you will be able to cancel your subscription. Please note however that by paying yearly, your cancellation will not receive a refund, however, you will still have access to the membership for the entire period that you paid for.

Will I for sure see a transformation in my biz?

As long as you show up, engage, and take the action, you WILL succeed!

When does the membership start?

It starts as soon as you sign up! You'll have access to the Facebook group (link in your teachable platform) and any past masterclasses and resources!

If you have any questions please E-mail

This is a membership for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs who want to uplevel their brand, grow organically, and learn a thing or two on content creation and social media!

Transform your life and business to match the person you are and strive to be! Nothing is unobtainable or impossible in this space.

Let's do this!

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