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It's Nice to Meet You!

Hi! My name is Kelly Morita and I’m a digital visionary, soon to be mentor, and lifestyle influencer currently living the life of my dreams in the land of the rising sun.

My mission is to inspire others to live a fulfilling life using Japanese and western mindset methods and to express themselves creatively online and offline.


I'm also a mother to be and have lived in Japan for almost 10 years! 


I was born in Michigan and moved to Japan straight out of college to realize my dreams of living abroad. To document my time here, I started a YouTube channel in 2015 to share my life, struggles, and passions!


Through my lifestyle YouTube channel, I grew a love for video production and social media which then led to dream opportunities such as making an income as an online influencer and leading a group of empowered individuals through my mentorship program.

Living in Japan, I've been able to study a deeper side of it, learning about Japanese philosophy from locals, monks, and Japan's rich, spiritual history. Through my research I was able to change my life, heal from chronic illnesses, and re-wire my mind to manifest fulfillment and success.


I've been documenting my life ever since and aim to inspire those who wish to manifest more abundance, love, and purpose into their every day lives so that they can glow like that light that they never knew they were!

I've been able to manifest the love of my life, a 5 figure online business, beautiful friendships, and a life worth living all because I was able to change my mindset and learn the tools necessary to be the resilient woman that I am today.

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My mission is to inspire others to live a fulfilling life, discover their purpose,  & activate self leadership through empowered practices using Japanese and western mindset methods 
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Through the concept of Ikigai, I guide others to embrace their humanness, live perfectly imperfect, and embrace who they are so that they can THRIVE online and offline!


My Vlogs have empowered so many to go after their dreams and I now have an exclusive community where my viewers can interact with me and connect with like-minded, passionate people.


And if you’re not sure where your path is leading you, I created a course that will set you up for success.


Click to learn how or send me a message on my Instagram account or my E-mail

Discover Your Purpose!

The first step to really understanding who you are, acquire self leadership abilities, find balance, and make your dreams a reality. Utilizing a Japanese and western mindset methods, I'll guide you in awakening your HONEST self.

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