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2017 Lovelyzkelly

Welcome to My Blog Site!


  My name is Lyz and I`ve lived in Japan for a total of four years. I`ve been through a lot and learned so much during my time here. My main job is teaching but on the side, I create Youtube videos to help others with their travels. I`m also a singer/songwriter at LnA Records. 


  My mission for this site is to not only educate you on what Japan has to offer, moving to Japan, and advice on living abroad but to guide you through a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, and soulfully. I struggled with anxiety all my life so even if you aren't planning on living abroad, I`m here to give you tips on how you can conquer mental health naturally.


  Growing up, I`ve experienced heartbreaks, tough times, and obstacles I would never have imagined I`d endure. My hope is to share with you these experiences and help you become your best self!


  But remember, travel far and you`ll meet yourself. I hope you`ll consider living abroad like I did!