What if I told you that all it takes to up-level your life and brand, achieve success, attract abundance, and live your purpose with unshakeable confidence, is to be yourself?


I know...It sounds simple, but most of us are living a conditioned lifestyle thinking we want one thing when we really want the other. We spend life asking other people questions and not ourselves so when we go after the life we want, set goals, take on new challenges, execute a new idea, start a new project, or build an empire and community of our own, things begin to seem a little bit hazy.


We start to feel like something is missing, wonder which path to go down or if we're doing it all right. Soon enough, we can't make aligned and honest decisions, our confidence begins to falter, we fear criticism and judgment, and soon enough, taking any steps forward can become a daunting task.


Luckily I've discovered a secret that allowed me to step into my own power, become the leader I am today, and attract an aligned community online and off, without the outside influence of the world and others.


With the Japanese concept of Ikigai (life purpose) I was able to translate this into my own online brand and business to create something unique and empowering leaving my audience wanting more!

Living abroad, I've acquired the knowledge and secrets to living life with balance in both my personal brand and life. All of it is ready to be revealed to you through online coaching and extensive, valuable resources using a mix of western and Japanese mindset methods and strategies! Up-level your confidence online, attract an audience that can't get enough of you and what you have to offer, and take fearless action toward creating a life and personal brand that embodies the real you!



I love singing! I released three songs on 

iTunes and Spotify under the name

Lyz Kelly

Image by Peter Nguyen


Don't be a side character in your

own story

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