My name is Kelly Morita, I’m 31, & I live in the beautiful land of the rising sun, 🇯🇵 Japan, loving every second of it.


I'm an Ikigai business and leadership coach helping aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs to utilize the power of influence and authenticity to stand out, sell out, and build a magnetic, online brand and biz! 💕


My mission is to help others unlearn everything they think they know about life & business to create an online empire of their dreams that ATTRACTS, live financially free doing what they love, discover their passions and purpose, and shed the layers of the conditioned self to show up offline and online confidently! I believe wholeheartedly that living an Ikigai lifestyle while running an online business is the key to growth and success! ✨


Getting to this point in my life where I'm working full-time in my passions and purpose was a journey but completely worth it! I transformed and shifted my entire mindset using a mix of Japanese and western strategies, incorporated it into my own personal brand, business, and life, and then... things just took off from there! 😊 🚀


I Love, love, LOVE social media and have been working in this field for over 7 years! I started out as a travel/lifestyle influencer & working as a content strategist for two other companies part-time. One day, I decided, “I need to share more of my knowledge with the 🌎!" so I hired my first business coach and built something that allowed me to do what I love full-time!


I found so much success despite the beginning struggles, hitting $20k in my first three months of business! 🤯 I'm now teaching others how to achieve this too by creating a magnetic, passionate, and irresistible brand and business of their own that people can't stop talking about!


We have so much at our fingertips today, and I truly believe we can create the life that we want!


Other interests of mine include: singing, reading, exploring new places, drawing, and video games (the perfect mix of creative & nerdy 🤓)




I love singing! I released three songs on 

iTunes and Spotify under the name

Lyz Kelly

Image by Peter Nguyen


Don't be a side character in your

own story