What does it take to thrive in 

another country? Follow me on my journey as a married, working woman in Japan.


Change your life using essential Japanese mindset methods OR transition to your new life abroad in Japan - I do both! 


DIY courses for transforming your life using Japanese mindset methods OR moving abroad - OR both!


Hey There,

I'm Kelly Morita

I'm your mentor, coach, and friend for all things abroad!


I currently live in the beautiful land of the rising sun - Japan and I've lived here for over eight, long and exciting years. I'm passionate about the Japanese way of life, mindset, and culture. This country has awakened a part of my soul I never knew existed!

Work with me on a self-transformation and transitioning journey, learning everything from mindset to becoming your true self. Get organized, release tension, and finally do what you've said you've always wanted to do for so long. 

Live life abroad to master yourself...

I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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Regrets are the things you didn't do in life, not 

the things you've done in the past.

Making the decision to move overseas can be hard. But what if I told you that

there's a whole new you on the other side of the world you never knew

existed? The best version of you? 

For promotional and business collaborations,  or for any questions about my coaching or courses, you can reach me here: 

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